Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max cases review, Best of 2023

First off, we would like to thank MKEKE for sending us all these different samples or variants of their own custom iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max cases, all in a mixture of gradient colours as well as clear cases, to have them reviewed and published via our platform. The cases seem to be hot and trending, sales are up from what we’ve seen on Amazon ourselves, good reviews and even within the digital advertising space, we’re seeing adverts of MKEKE online, not sure if that has something to with our cookies, search and MKEKE reaching out to us before but anyways, let’s get into it.

So first let’s cover some subtle aspects of the products that you might not usually come across on other platforms. So from a consumer perspective:

1. The Mkeke’s iPhone Packaging

So all The iPhone Pro & Pro Max cases comes within this rectangular package, definitely not heavy on the hands. You can easily identify when it’s the colour brand that’s within the packaging and not the clear case as you’ll spot the colour highlights on the case, MKEKE’s brand name(can’t miss it) along with the words at the bottom “CLEAR CASE COLORFUL LIFE” as well as “MAKE YOUR LIFE COLOURFUL” on the left side of the package. You won’t find any of these on the normal clear packaging as well as the magnetic case packaging. Yes, we know this is a minor detail but you can never truly know what situations will pop up sometime, so before you even pull that nice case package, you’ll know what’s in there or should be in there.

2. Light Lemon Scent inside Mkeke’s Packaging

As a tech consumer, don’t you just love that lemon scent(if any) when you pull your new packages? Yes, another minor input but we do enjoy this actually. You will not miss it with this product’s packaging. It’s not heavy but quite quite pleasant.

3. You’ll find a heart shape message and note inside Mkeke’s iPhone packaging

We appreciated this presentation within the packaging that says, hey, if you missed the warranty info on the back of the package there’s no way you can miss it now. Reminding consumers of their warranty policy plus spreading a little love and establishing a sense of connection with them, we can reach out just incase of any discrepancy or concern. As well as promotions that they may offer from time to time. However we didn’t find any of this presentation within the iPhone Pro Clear Case and iPhone 14 Pro Max case-BC(basic case) packaging. So we will safely assume this may be due to size because those packages are quite smaller.

Mkeke case

4. Recyclable Logo

It’s at least good to know that there is a recyclable logo on something within the package. It say’s a little about the company that you’re buying from and their long term pledges on the topic of carbon footprint. Not only that but Mkeke’s products are are certified ‘Climate Neutral’ by Climate Partner. Climate neutral by ClimatePartner certifies the carbon footprint of a product was calculated and all associated emissions were offset.

Mkeke case

Now let’s put the subtle stuff aside and dive into some real specs and policies of these cases.



Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Clear


Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear


Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Magnetic Clear


Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Max Magnetic Clear

So you’re looking an iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max case for your iPhone?

Let’s start with some major highlights and specifications of Mkeke’s iPhone case:

Comfortable Grip:

Having a comfortable grip is already good in itself plus it also makes it less likely your phone is going to fly out of your hand and have an unfortunate encounter with the ground. Not only that but due to it being slim, it slides in and out of pockets easily while the edges give you a firm grip while calling, texting, gaming, and taking selfies. You’re being offered both comfort and convenience.

The iPhone 14 Pro Clear and 14 Pro Max Clear cases are defined as being thin, light and easy to grip. Crafted with a mixture of polycarbonate and flexible materials which are optimized, meaning that, don’t expect any yellowing of the product overtime.

Shockproof case:

According to results from taken from Google, “A Shockproof case normally means that the case can be dropped from a significant height and your device will not break. The shock, in this case, refers to the impact your device experiences upon landing”. So expect this from all you Mkeke cases.

The iPhone Pro and Pro Max BC(basic case) Clear cases highlights a military grade drop test certification. Having uniquely raised edges and a camera ring guard that guards your screen and camera against drops & scratches. The BC clear case is 3.3mm thick. Sadly, we haven’t gotten to test this as yet but we have tried intentionally to make very light scratches and hits on Mkeke’s iPhone case to no avail of apparent denture or mark. The cases still appeared flawless and smooth after such attempts.


According to Mkeke, all of their iPhone case products have been through rigorous testing. They undergo thousands of hours of testing throughout the design and manufacturing process, with the aim of making it softer and with better grip for the consumer. As consumers we tend to hold our device for extended periods, so you’ll want the best comfort possible, no doubt.


As you can probable already tell, this is pretty straightforward in meaning. Mkeke’s iPhone case poses no difficulty or requires little effort in installing it onto your iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max. It’s as simple as that. All of the variants are that easy to be installed.

MAGNETIC Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Max CASES:

According to Google Results, “Magsafe cases have magnets integrated into the back. This allows for the iPhone 14 to securely snap directly onto a Magsafe case and for external magsafe accessories, such as the wireless charger, to do the same.” Mkeke has designed a line of iPhone 14 Pro Clear Magnetic and 14 Pro Max Clear Magnetic cases with magsafe compatibilities, how convenient!


Mkeke’s warranty policy clearly states that:

Mkeke offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Based on a certain situation or a criteria you are eligible for a warranty guarantee. These criteria being:

  1. That you have received a wrong size phone case.
  2. The product has a flaw.
  3.  Your phone is incompatible with the product.
  4. You’re not happy with it and don’t need it any longer.

Not a bad warranty policy in our opinion, sounds like they’re putting us, their customers, first. You will have to contact their after sales service(depending on where you placed the order) in order to proceed with a refund.


The area made for the buttons on the case are quite easy to find and sturdy enough, you shouldn’t expect any buttons to be pressed from any form of light contact against those areas.

We have come to also notice that the entire cutout of both the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max Mkeke cases are precise and positions well with all intended button areas, microphone, speaker, as well as the ports of the iPhone.

The Mkeke’s iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max cases are available in different variants such as the clear variants and the colour gradient variants, from which you can choose any that sooths your style or taste or the colour gradient that you feel most comfortable with.


The Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro cases weigh about 1.09 ounces, so it won’t contribute too much weight to the already existing iPhone 14 Pro. The Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Max cases however stands at a weight of 2.89 ounces, with no major change or feel in terms of weight on the already existing iPhone 14 Pro Max. This aspect also adds to convenience on a whole.

What do other customers have to say about Mkeke’s iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max cases?

Based on Amazon reviews, Mkeke’s iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max cases are ranked #1 best seller on Amazon.



Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Clear


Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear


Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Magnetic Clear


Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Max Magnetic Clear


In summarizing all that we mentioned above, these phone phone cases are quite simple in looks but there’s a lot behind the design that not only gives it climate pledge notice but also the convenience, protection and comfort you desire as a tech consumer. With that said if you are looking for a simple and functional case for your iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone Pro Max, then you won’t miss with the Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max cases, you definitely should give them a shot. If you do, don’t forget to comeback and tell us how the experience was down in the comments below.

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