For those who are having issue with their device, let me show you how to Wipe the Cache Partition on the Moto G4 and the Moto G4 Plus.

Our applications, as well as the Android OS itself, uses cache data for a number of different reasons. The biggest reasons though, is to improve performance as well as improve battery life for the smartphone or tablet. This is very helpful as it prevents the CPU from having to calculate a certain piece of data that is needed numerous time when we’re using our devices.

This can be something like the progress you’ve made on a game, or just a simple list of posts that were accessed in an application.

Just like all of the data on any electronic storage device, there can be issues that crop up when this data isn’t as it should be. For example, maybe the data became corrupt and an application is unable to read it. The same can be said about an application that writes the wrong data to the cache (from either a bug or just being poorly coded). Whatever the case is, bad cache data can cause apps to perform poorly or simply crash altogether.

If you know of the specific app that is having trouble, you could simply wipe the cache for that app. However, if you’re unsure what is causing the issue then the next step is to wipe the cache partition. This is the troubleshooting step that I want to show you today.

Note – Wiping the cache partition will not cause you to lose any of your apps, photos, contacts, etcetera. Cache data is redundant and the important data you have stored on your device is on another partition.

Moto G4 Wipe Cache Partition

  1. Boot the Moto G4 into Fastboot Mode
  2. Then boot the Moto G4 over into Recovery Mode
  3. Press the Volume Down button until the ‘Wipe Cache Partition’ option is highlighted
  4. Press the Power button to select this option
  5. Press the Volume Down button to highlight the ‘Yes’ option
  6. Press the Power button to select the ‘Yes’ option
  7. Wait for the Moto G4 to wipe the cache partition
  8. Then press the Power button when the Recovery Mode menu appears again


I will show you how to wipe the cache and clear the data for an individual application later in this tutorial series. For now though, I want to show you how to wipe the entire cache partition from the Moto G4 Recovery Mode. So naturally, you will need to boot the Moto G4 into Recovery Mode, and to do that you will first need to boot into Fastboot Mode (which is also known as Bootloader Mode).

Once you are in Fastboot Mode, you can then boot over into Recovery Mode. If you are unfamiliar with how to do this, then please check the links in steps 1 and 2 of the guide above. I have already detailed the process of how to do this and you can find the instructions in those articles. So, once you have the Moto G4 or the Moto G4 Plus in Recovery Mode, you can then press the Volume Down button until you have highlighted the Wipe Cache Partition option.

With this option highlighted, go ahead and press the Power button to select it. This will take you to a confirmation screen just like you see in the image above. Again, you want to press the Volume Down button until you have highlighted the Yes option and then you can press the Power button to select this option. You’ll see the text at the top of the screen disappear, and some text will appear at the bottom of the screen.

The text at the bottom tells you that the Moto G4 or Moto G4 Plus is formatting the /cache partition and then you’ll be informed when the process is complete. Once the cache partition of the Moto G4 or Moto G4 Plus has been wiped, you’ll see the regular Recovery Mode menu reappear at the top of the screen. The Reboot System Now option will be highlighted by default so all you have to do is press the Power button to reboot the device.

As shown in the video above, once the cache partition has been wiped, you can simply reboot back into Android and check to see if the issues you were having before have been resolved.


  1. yep this crud does not work with G4 Play and nougat 7.1.1….hours of download this and download that, hold this and hold that, only thing I ever seen was once or twice no command mode (dead robot) or safe mode not once did I ever see any screen pop up for recovery options etc.

    many times over followed many online directions (including from Motorola themselves to clear cache partition) still to this day have never been able to do this.

    I so wish I had never updated this phone at all and wish they would not “force” updates and were more truthful with the marketing of OS updates (for android)

    Battery life, general functionality were SUPERIOR with the 6.0.x version this phone shipped with
    Nougat made battery life absolutely tank and Moto only response to this was “you can always ship the phone back to us for a factory replacement at your cost” instead of having a quick easy method of restoring a failed update (seeing as the phone takes forever to download and install it in the first place for all of about 240mb)

    Better yet, they should give a reboot and clear cache in the settings/options menu so you do not have to screw around mashing buttons…oh wait, that would be far too simple and make too much sense.

    • Yea, some Android devices (the ones that are based more on Stock Android) have removed the full ‘wipe cache partition’ option from their Recovery Mode. We’re seeing this on Pixel devices, Motorola, and others as well.


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