Mozilla Discontinues Firefox Send and Firefox Notes
Mozilla Discontinues Firefox Send and Firefox Notes

In the wake of malware abuses and shift in work focus, Mozilla has decided to discontinue Firefox Send and Firefox Notes services. The decision was announced yesterday and plans to end support for both the services soon. Mozilla says dropping these two is for good since it can focus on more commercial services.

Mozilla to Discontinue Firefox Send and Firefox Notes

Mozilla has taken a big decision to drop two services yesterday. One of which is the Firefox Send, a web-based file-sharing feature introduced by Mozilla back in March 2019. This has gained quick popularity due to its ability to share files with a timer and a limit for the number of times being downloaded. Also, Mozilla made the data transmission encrypted, thus withstanding stronger on its set privacy policies.

While this has been good so far, Mozilla detected a malicious campaign happening through its Firefox Send, where malware groups are hosting and sharing malware files through its service to users. This caused Mozilla to halt and take down the Send service offline. Though Mozilla said it was temporary, it has now announced to discontinue the service for good.

This is because of two reasons, one that Mozilla has shifted focus on working to making commercial products more effective, and the recent organizational restructuring. Mozilla has removed about 250 employees in August this year, where many of those were supposed to re-create the Firefox Send. These reasons caused yet another service, Firefox Notes to be discontinued too.

Firefox Notes will let users save the downloaded files and sync them across devices with Firefox on them. Though this encrypted syncing feature is not so popular as Firefox Send, it’s used by a fair number of users. But, Mozilla decides to pull the plug for it too. Starting November, the Android client of Firefox Notes will no be available, and the browser extension on the other hand will be available, but with no further updates from the developers.

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