Mute With Volume Buttons Huawei P9

Underneath we’ll get into a portion of the arrangements on How To Mute With Volume Buttons Huawei P9 Smartphone.


Quieting or silencing Huawei P9 with Regular Mute Functions


The snappiest and simplest approach to quiet the Huawei P9 is to utilize the volume control key on the left side of the smartphone. You should simply hold down the key until it changes to quiet mode. Another strategy to put Huawei P9 into Silent mode is by holding down the power button until your see the quiet and vibrate alternatives or options on the screen, then pick one of the two. The third technique to access the quiet/vibrate choices or options from the sound settings is by swiping down from the highest point of your screen.


Quieting Huawei P9 with Motions and Gestures



An incredible approach to quiet the Huawei P9 is to utilize the movement  or motion controls enabled on the Huawei P9. To enable the movements/motion and gestures settings to quiet sounds is by simply turning the phone over and laying it on its front, or by putting your palm over the display. You can get to the Motions and Gestures controls from the My Device section on the Huawei P9 settings page.


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