Goldman Sachs Suggests Bitcoin as an Alternative to Gold

A Bitcoin wallet containing near a billion dollars was just emptied by someone. While reports tell the wallet could belong to former Silk Road’s operator, Ross Ulbricht, the receiver’s identity was yet to be known. The wallet has been password-protected and been exchanging hands among hackers in underground forums since 2015.

The Mystery Bitcoin Wallet

The cryptocurrency space turned so interesting because of the level of anonymity it provides. Bitcoin, which is the first and popular cryptocurrency is having a grand talk in the community now. This is because someone unknown has moved about $1 billion worth Bitcoins out from a wallet, that’s been the format since years.

This raised suspicion in the community, as all raced to find out who made that surprising transaction. Some linked the wallet belonging to Ross Ulbricht, the infamous owner of the popular dark-web marketplace, Silk Road. He was sentenced two-time life imprisonment, plus a 40-year term. This theory could he highly unlikely since Ross operating from the prison is impossible.

Thus, we move onto the next possibility, hacking! The wallet (identified by address 1HQ3Go3ggs8pFnXuHVHRytPCq5fGG8Hbhx) contains about 69369.16628020 Bitcoins as of November 3rd, which weighs it to a total value of $957 million roughly. That’s enough motivation for someone to use any means to hack it.

Reports say that the wallet has been changing hands among hackers since 2015, with the purpose of finding on how to crack it. While the private key of the wallet is harder to get, someone could have tried cracking the wallet password though. This could happen with exceptional computing resources, a dump of relatable passwords and some luck. It’s just interesting to see how these will be spent, as everyone can see the transactions made from it.

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