Netflix Begins Working On Its Ad-Tier Version

Going with the likes of Pete Davidson’s Saturday Night Live tale, Netflix added a new watching category called “short-ass”, which consists of movies that are less than 90 minutes in duration.

Saying that Pete Davidson’s call was a good idea, Netflix tagged a page to SNL’s tweet that redirected users to this new category. It’s now available on all devices where Netflix can run and includes titles like Zoolander, Death at a Funeral, Monty Python, and the Holy Grail, etc.

Short-Ass Category in Netflix

Those who spend more time browsing different titles than watching something good, know that Netflix’s library is vast. And if you’re given only a span of 90 minutes to stream something, it’s hard to look up everything and find something that’s under the time limit.

So to eliminate this stress, Netflix added a 90-minute movie category to have titles under 1.5hrs. As this section isn’t discovered much, Netflix added a similar section named as “Short-ass” movie category to all it’s clients.

Well, this species comes after the last Saturday’s SNL show, where Pete Davidson wished Netflix had a category of such. And soon, quote-tweeting that SNL tweet as a “good idea”, Netflix shared a link to its new “short-ass” movie category.

Launching the page you will see titles – all under 90 minutes – arranged as per their respective genre. This makes it easy for those time-bounded streamers who wanted to jump into something appealing, instead of researching much.

This category includes titles like Zoolander, Death at a Funeral, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Midnight in Paris, etc. Unfortunately, movies like Driving Miss Daisy and The Lion King aren’t available yet, which are especially noted in the SNL show.

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