Netflix Begins Working On Its Ad-Tier Version

At the Cannes Lions festival this week, Netflix’s CEO confirmed that they’re working on a new ad-tier version of their platform.

This would most probably be similar to that of Peacock’s offering, where viewing ads are left to users’ choice. Well, this is still a long way from coming, as the company is in the early days of making. Other reports said that Google and NBC Universal advance as potential partners to help Netflix build it’s ad tier.

Netflix Ad-Tier Version

Earlier this year, Netflix made rounds in the news by losing it’s subscribers count for the first time in a decade. The company reasoned it for a number of reasons – service ban in Russia, growing competition, and mostly password sharing!

Netflix knew that it’s users share account passwords generally, yet didn’t do anything all this time. But since it lost a chunk of the market share, it announced password crackdown plans. Aside from this, the platform also said they’ll introduce a cheaper plan to attract low-income people, who don’t mind seeing ads.

Today, Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos confirmed that they’re working on this ad-tier version – at the Cannes Lions festival event. He even said that it wouldn’t be similar to what we see today – like seeing ads often between content, but left at users’ choice similar to Peacock’s model.

And when asked by Engadget, a Netflix spokesperson said;

“We are still in the early days of deciding how to launch a lower-priced, ad-supported option and no decisions have been made. So this is all just speculation at this point.”

Thus, it’s still in the very early stage of making an ad-tier plan. Other reports revealed that NBC Universal and Google are seen as the top contenders for helping Netflix build it’s ad-tier version, probably with some exclusive arrangement for ad placements. We shall see more details coming gradually.

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