Netflix is the biggest streaming platform globally but over the past few years, it faced huge competition. Last year the House of Mickey Mouse launched its own streaming service name as Disney+.

Disney+ gained huge popularity in no time due to the brand value of Disney and all the great titles from Disney.

Netflix allows every new user to have a free 30 days trial without any service charges. While Disney+ didn’t offer any free trials to its users.

So, stepping on the footstep of its closest competitor Netflix is also removing the free trial option. This option is removed for all the users in the United States as of now.

Netflix Spokesperson issues a statement stating “looking at different marketing promotions in the U.S. to attract new members and give them a great Netflix experience.”

It means that the streaming giant now wants to try more options and market their product in a different way to attract more users.

Netflix is considering removing the free trial option for quite a while and now they have started to remove it. In the next few years, this option will be removed from other markets as well with Mexico being the next in the line.

According to Netflix, this year’s global situation hasn’t played any role to which the company decided to remove this option. Neither the upcoming titles on the streaming giant especially for the holidays have any part in this decision.

Perhaps, to remove the free trial option was considered by the streaming giant to experiment with more new marketing activities for its users. The company wants to give users more benefit with other promotional plans and activities.

It seems that they have followed Disney+ who also removed the free trial option and is growing at a rapid pace without that option.

Other streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Showtime have the 30-day free trials option. Streaming services like CBS all access, HBO Max and HULU have 7-days free trial for all the users.

There is no payment for the free trial period while after the free trial the monthly subscription fee will be deducted from the user’s account.

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