Netflix Begins Working On Its Ad-Tier Version

Netflix offering free limited access to lure new customers isn’t new and Netflix is now doing it again to acquire Kenyans.

As per its announcement, Netflix is tapping potential Kenya by offering a free mobile-only plan to all Kenyan Android users. Viewers don’t need to submit any payment information and can stream without any ads.

Netflix in Kenya

Netflix Confirmed Expanding into Gaming Space Based on its Vast Content

With over 209 million users, Netflix is already available in 190 countries and hopes to expand further. This is to face the stiff competition coming from new and existing rivals like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, etc.

And with over 20 million active internet users, Kenya is one of the best East African nations worth tapping into at this time. And Netflix is doing it with a sweet offer. Today, the company announced a free mobile-only plan for all Kenyan Android users aged over 18.

This will be rolling out in the coming weeks, with viewers not needing to submit any payment information on signup but can stream without any ads.

Announcing this move, Netflix’s Director of Product Innovation, Cathy Conk said, “If you’ve never watched Netflix before — and many people in Kenya haven’t — this is a great way to experience our service.

While letting people watch its content for free is good, it’s only limited to one screen on mobile with a fixed resolution. Netflix is offering a similar paid plan in India and other countries for around $3, with one screen and 480p resolution.

Earlier, the company has even offered a free one-month trial offer for new users, who may upgrade to commercial plans for continuing if interested.

While Netflix hasn’t announced the date of expiration for this free access offer, it says interested users can switch to paid plans for full catalog access, better resolution, and streaming on multiple devices.

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