Netflix Begins Working On Its Ad-Tier Version

Realising that resisting password sharing is hard, Netflix is finally legalising it in a better way for all. This is through creating sub-accounts.

Netflix announced a new option for creating sub-accounts for standard and premium plans, which will let users share accounts in a better way. This setting will cost an additional $2-$3 and comes with the ability to transfer all the account information seamlessly.

A Better Way to Share Netflix Accounts

Sharing passwords of a streaming account is so common that, the platform makers knew this happens and are unable to do anything effective. Netflix is one among them, who knew it’s users do this very often and isn’t pushing them against the wall.

Netflix Sub-Accounts: A Legal Way to Share Account Passwords

The company even tried limiting it with family members through a group plan, but there are a lot of people still sharing passwords with someone outside. And this is denting Netflix’s growth and profits so much that, it had seen the slowest subscriber growth in the last quarter.

Also factoring the rising competition from rivals, Netflix announced a new scheme of selling sub-accounts for a slightly additional price. On Wednesday, Netflix’s Product Innovation Director, Chengyi Long said they’re testing new sub-accounts for Standard and Premium users, which will allow them to create and offers upto two sub-accounts for their friends.

Creation of such will transfer all the account data like My List, personalized recommendations, and viewing history with one click. And all this costs the parent account user an additional $2-$3 on regular plan price. Netflix started testing this Chile, Peru, and Costa Rica now.

Understanding the outcomes of this scheme, Netflix may or may not roll this feature to all in the near future. Talking about this new feature, Chengyi Long said “We recognize that people have many entertainment choices, so we want to ensure any new features are flexible and useful for members, whose subscriptions fund all our great TV and films.”

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