Custom kernels for the Nexus 5X can truly transform the way your device runs and today I want to curate a list of all the custom kernels that I can find.

A custom kernel can make your device run faster, save more battery, or be optimized specifically for a certain task. Whatever your typical usage is, a custom kernel with the proper custom settings can make the Nexus 5X run even better. If you’re a light user then you can crank down the maximum CPU and GPU clock because your usage will most likely not need it to run that high.

If you are a heavy user then, depending on what you do, you can throttle down the input boost or put the maximum CPU and GPU clock speed to something in the middle.

When testing out custom kernel settings, it really is an experiment to find out what works out best for you. Thankfully, a custom kernel developer does most of this stuff for you. When someone starts to work on a custom kernel for an Android device they generally have a specific goal in mind. Whether this is to increase performance or battery life, the default settings will be more than enough to go with. Only the more advanced users should download a kernel tweaking application like Kernel Adiutor and customize those settings.

With that said, here are a list of custom kernels for the Nexus 5X that I am able to find as of writing this. If you notice I am missing a certain one then please feel free to leave a link to the XDA thread in the comments section below.

Nexus 5X Custom Kernels

Some kernels have specific instructions when it comes to flashing and installing. If you are confused as to what to do, check out the tutorial I wrote up about how to install a custom kernel on the Nexus 5X. But like I said, some of these have specific instructions and you should read through the thread before you flash one. For example, the Franco Kernel needs to be patched with SuperSU, so after you follow the instructions I wrote about installing a custom kernel, you’ll also need to flash the version of SuperSU that Franco mentions in his thread.

This isn’t the case for all kernels though, so please read through the thread if you have any questions about that specific kernel. If you still are unsure about something then leave a comment at the bottom of this article and I will help out if I can. I just can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to help, but I’ll do it if I can.


  1. Which one is best for battery life? I thought you were gonna rate them. I run Franco on my 5x and the battery isn’t that much better for me.

    • I like Franco for battery life, but each kernel is made for different use cases. What gives me better battery life might not give you better battery life because you may use your phone differently than me(more/less gaming, more/less phone calls, etc).

      You should try them all for about a week and see which one gives you the best result


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