Custom ROMs can bring a lot to the Nexus 5X and today I wanted to give you a complete list of all the custom ROMs I am able to find right now.

I’ve talked about custom ROMs throughout these Nexus 5X tutorials. There are a lot of reasons one might want to install a custom ROM on their Android smartphone. Some might like the additional features that it comes with. Some might like the faster update schedule that comes with it(not saying Nexus updates are slow, but some custom ROMs can get updated nightly).

No matter what your reason is though, Nexus devices have a plethora of ROMs to choose from.

I will be linking to the XDA thread for each ROM that I list below. If there are any that I missed out on, please feel free to link to the XDA thread in the comments section below. Unless the link is from a reputable source, I will only allow links to XDA threads here. I just don’t want to risk people getting linked to custom ROMs with malicious code in them.

Nexus 5X Custom ROM List

Now, you’re going to want to go into each thread and find out which features are included in these custom ROMs. Each developer/team for each custom ROM here will have a different goal they might like to achieve with their build. Some might go for optimizing battery life, some might go for minimal features, some might go for every feature under the sun. Whatever the case is, it is usually explained in the first few posts of the thread.

If you need help installing one of these custom ROMs, you might want to take a look at the tutorial I wrote that details how to install a custom ROM on the Nexus 5X. However, there might be some special requirements for specific ROMs. This is usually not the case, and if it is, then it will be detailed in the first few posts of the XDA thread.

If you have any questions about these custom ROMs listed above, feel free to ask down below. I don’t know everything about these ROMs but I will help if I can. Just be sure to read through the XDA thread before asking because a lot of questions will be answered there already. While this list isn’t completely in order from most popular to least, I have put most of the popular custom ROMs up toward the top. CM13 is my favorite but a lot of people like Chroma, Pure Nexus, etc. Again, each one offers something different than the last, so it is always best to install as many as you can to see which ones you like the best.


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