Nintendo Switch Won’t Charge

If your Nintendo Switch is not charging properly, you wouldn’t be able to play your favorite games. Nothing can be worse for gamers if they are close to winning, and in the meantime, the device goes out of charge. Several reasons can contribute to this issue, and if you are facing the same issue, read this article. We have discussed here some troubleshooting methods that may help you to overcome this Nintendo Switch won’t charge problem.

Before this, let’s know some common reasons behind this issue. 

  • A damaged USB cable
  • A simple glitch
  • Problem with the outlet
  • Problem with the charging port of the device

Before moving forward with complex troubleshooting methods, we will discuss some initial steps you should check. Let’s start discussing the methods.

Some initial steps to resolve the Nintendo Switch won’t charge problem:

Check your outlet

Sometimes, the main reason behind this issue can be the outlet, and that’s why you can try to change the plug and see whether it works or not. You can simply go to another room, and if you are using an extension cord, plug it directly into the wall socket to see whether the issue is solved or not.

Try another cable

Make sure that there is not any issue with your USB cable. To make sure of this, you will need to use another USB cable and see whether the issue is solved or not. Any visible sign of damage is noticed by you in the USB cable, you should change it immediately as it not only damages your device but also is not safe.

Connect the switch perfectly

Sometimes, this issue can occur if your switch is not perfectly connected. You can try changing the position once and try to charge your device once again.

Reset the adaptor

You can try to reset the OEM Nintendo AC adapter to solve this issue. Some users have reported that this method has resolved their issue. To reset the AC adaptor, you must unplug it from the wall and wait a minute. Plug in that back after a minute, and then you will need to connect the switch to the charging cable. After doing the complete process, you will need to wait for at least 30 minutes to see whether the charging indicator is displaying on the screen or not. If you notice any visible physical damage, such as cuts, scrapes, or loose wiring, you need to ask for a replacement for the adaptor from Nintendo’s official store.

Check your charging port

Sometimes, the problem lies within the charging port as it can get damaged with continuous use. You will need to make sure that your charging port is not damaged.

After applying all these methods mentioned above, if you are still noticing no change, you must go through some complex troubleshooting methods mentioned below.

Methods to fix Nintendo Switch won’t charge issue:

Method 1: Reset the Switch

You can try to reset the switch to solve this issue. If you’re not able to turn on your device, follow the steps mentioned below:-

First, you’ll need to press down on the power button. On all the models, you can see the power button on the top-left side, next to the volume control buttons.

Press the button for 12 seconds

After 12 seconds, release the button and press the power button again to turn on the console.

If you can turn on your device, you can also try a hard reset of the switch. Follow the steps below for this:-

Press down the power button and keep pressing it until you can see a menu appearing on your screen.

Now, you will need to choose the power options.

Select the turn off option

Wait for a minute and switch it on again

Method 2: Update the switch

To resolve the charging issue, you can try updating the switch. Follow the steps below for that:

On the home menu, you can see system settings, press on that.

Now, click on the system, followed by clicking on the system update option.

Wait until the update is finished

Once the switch is completely updated, you can try to charge your device and see whether the issue is solved or not.

Method 3: Safe Mode and Soft Reboot

This troubleshooting method can work for you and fix the charging issues of your device. This method will only work if you can turn the switch on. Below are the steps for that:

First, press + hold the power button of your device.

Keep the power button pressed for around 15 seconds until the console starts in safe mode.

You will need to hold the volume up + volume down + power button simultaneously.

Now, charge the switch and check whether the charging issue is solved or not.

Method 4: Clean the charging port

Sometimes, the charging port gets blocked by dust and debris. You can try to clean it to fix the charging issue. Here, we have mentioned how you can do it in the right way. To do that, you will need two main things: cotton swabs and 99% isopropyl alcohol.

First, you will need to make the cotton slightly damp with the isopropyl alcohol. Make sure it is not dripping at all.

Now, run the swab outside the charging port to clean it.

Check whether any dust buildup is left there or not.

Repeat the same process until you can see no dust or debris on the port.

Make sure to let the cable dry for at least 3 to 5 hours before trying to charge. If you try to charge it immediately after cleaning the port, it can damage your device entirely.

After 3 to 5 hours, try to charge your device and see whether the issue is solved or not.

Method 5: Try other chargers

Some users have reported that trying other charges actually helped them to solve this issue. Even when OEM cables failed to charge the device, other charges such as smartphone chargers or tablet chargers succeeded in charging the device. Though you can go for a smartphone or tablet charger when needed, you should always be aware of the third-party charges of the Nintendo Switch. These charges are usually way cheaper than the original one, and also they promise to charge the console faster. But they can damage your device in some way or another in the long run, so avoiding these third-party charges is better. These chargers are usually made with cheap materials, and in most cases, they are not perfectly compatible with the device.

Method 6: Charge it for 24 hours

Sometimes, when the battery is too drained, and the device is not turning on, the device can take some time to start getting charged once again. In that case, you will need to leave your device on charging for at least 24 hours, and after that, you will need to see whether the issue is solved or not. If you haven’t charged your device for quite a long time, this can happen.

Contact Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch won’t charge issue should be solved after using all the methods we have mentioned above. But If, after following all the methods mentioned above, you are still having the charging issues with your device, you can contact the customer service of Nintendo for further assistance. If you have a new Nintendo Switch console, it will have a 12-month warranty, and you will get a replacement easily.

How to check Nintendo Battery life?

Battery life matters a lot whenever you are willing to purchase a device. It not only offers you an amazing experience of using that device, but it also allows you some more time to try out some troubleshooting methods when your device is facing any kind of issues. For example, if your device is not charging and you are willing to apply all the troubleshooting methods you have gone through, you will need to know how much time you have left to apply all those options and make decisions accordingly.

Follow the below steps to check the battery life of your device:

First, press the system settings on the home screen.

Now, you will need to choose the system option.

Here, you can see an option named “console battery”. Choose that option.

Now, you will need to choose A to check how much battery you have left on your device.

After you are done checking it, you have to press A again to exit that screen.

Note– If you think it is a lengthy process, you can press ZL+ZR anytime to check your battery.

Why is the switch battery degrading?

If you notice that your battery lifespan is degrading and you are worried about why it is happening, let us tell you that it is completely normal. The Nintendo Switch operates on Lithium-ion batteries. One of the most important characteristics of these batteries is that they degrade over time. If you have been charging the battery over and over again for quite a long time, after a certain limit, the lifespan of the battery will start to degrade, and the battery won’t stay charged for as long as before.

According to Nintendo, the battery’s lifespan degrades around 20% after 800 charge cycles. This means that after charging your battery for 800 times, the battery will end up 80% faster than the initial lifespan. There is no problem with the console if you face this issue as it is very natural for these batteries.

Frequently asked questions

How Long Does It Take to Charge Nintendo Switch completely?

Though the actual time may vary, the switch usually takes around 3 to 4 hours in normal and ideal circumstances. The charging time can increase with age.

Is it safe to charge Nintendo Switch overnight?

Yes. It is completely safe to charge the switch overnight.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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