Nvidia and AMD Restricted From Supplying GPUs to China

Nvidia today, at the Computex 2022 event, announced a pair of new liquid-cooling GPUs – A100 and H100. Both these aim to reduce the data center spending on hefty infrastructure like the air-chillers by using the latest Nvidia GPUs with in-built water blocks.

Nvidia claims that their new A100 GPUs uses 30% less power while delivering the same results as their air-cooled counterparts. Also, there’s an H100 GPU having the same capabilities, coming early next year. The A100 GPUs will be shipping later this year.

Nvidia GPUs With In-Built Liquid Cooling Tech

Amongst all the computer parts, GPUs are the ones that demand hefty spending and maintenance. Since they’re used for running heavy operations, they often use high electricity and produce enormous amounts of heat.

Now assume a data center having hundreds or even thousands of such GPUs stacked side-by-side, releasing unbearable heat. If they’re not cooled using some chilling techniques, they may not cater to the expected results or even fail completely. Thus, companies use air-chillers or long water cooling solutions to keep the temperatures in data centers under control.

And this requires a lot of spending, and any maintenance mistakes committed sometimes will cater to undesired results. Thus, in order to reduce the reliance on outer cooling systems, Nvidia is packing a water block literally in their GPUs, with the first ones being A100 and H100 cards.

Nvidia tested it’s A100 in-built liquid cooling A100 cards against the regular air-cooled counterparts and resulted in their own cards working with 28% less power. Apart from this efficiency, they’re compact, thus taking less space to fit in racks. The company has already started sending test units to a few clients, with their general availability scheduled for Q3 this year.

Nvidia is working on H100 video cards, having the same liquid-cooling technology and compact design, coming early next year. These GPUs have a TDP rate of 300 to 350 watts and are aimed especially at cloud storage data centers.

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