If you’re happy with the version of OxygenOS you’re on, you can follow these steps to stop the automatic update notification from appearing on the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T.

Getting the latest software update is usually encouraged as it allows you to get new features as well as keeping your device as secure as possible. Smartphone OEMs and even wireless carriers try to make this as easy as possible but sometimes they go a bit overboard about it.

For example, wireless carriers have been known to push OTA updates in the middle of the night that automatically download and install without you even knowing about it.

Other times they want you to make sure you know there is an update waiting so they make sure the OTA update notification cannot be dismissed. This can annoy people who do not care about the new update for whatever reason. Sometimes people experience bugs on a new update and others are afraid of an update breaking the phone or changing things around. There are even times when OTA updates will remove applications or features too.

So if you’re happy with the version of OxygenOS you have installed on your OnePlus 5 and don’t want to see that OTA update notification (and also have root access), then you can follow these steps to kill the update services so it won’t appear in the future.

OnePlus 5 Hide OTA Updates

  1. Download the Service Disabler application
  2. Launch it and grant it root access
  3. Tap the magnifying glass at the top
  4. Then search for the following word. . .
  5. update
  6. . . .and tap the System Update option that appears
  7. Finally, tap the toggle next to the All option to shut it down
  8. Then reboot the OnePlus 5 for it to take effect


I will need to do further testing to see if this is possible without root access, for now, we need a package disabler/service disabler application in order to prevent the OTA update notification from appearing all the time. These apps need root access and I would venture to say that most people who want to prevent an update from happening is currently rooted. If I am wrong, and there’s demand for it (let me know in the comments) then I’ll move it up the priority list of things to do.

There are 5 different packages that make up the OTA update service and these are the ones that we’ll be disabling here. So to start, download the Service Disabler application from the Play Store. It’s free but there are others available just in case you have one installed already, or prefer a different one (some are paid options). Once that has been installed, go ahead and open the application up and you should get a prompt asking you to grant this application root access.

OnePlus 5 Hide OTA Updates Toggles
Just tap the toggle next to the All option to disable these packages all at once.

Agree to this so it has root access and then get to the main screen of the application. The app defaults on the Bloatware tab, but we just need to tap on the magnifying glass at the top so that we can search for something. Type in “update” without any quotation marks and that should filter out all of the packages that do not have the word update in it. There should be two listed here with one being called ConfigUpdater and the other being called System Update.

We want to ignore the ConfigUpdater and tap on the System Update option that is on the screen now. There should be 5 different packages that are associated with this service and each of them has its own toggle next to it. There’s also an All option and a toggle next to it as well and since we want to disable this service entirely, we just need to tap the toggle next to the All option to turn them all off. Now you can go ahead and restart the OnePlus 5 or OnePlus 5T and you’ll never see that OTA update notification again.


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