The OnePlus Launcher automatically supports custom Icon Packs from the Play Store and this tutorial shows you how to change them.

There are few smartphone companies who actually support the standard custom icon packs that are available in the Play Store. Now, we have Samsung who supports their own icon packs for their Galaxy Theme store. Then we have LG doing something similar as they use it to support their LG Home app store.

But it is very rare to have a smartphone company support the same standard for icon packs that we see developers and designers use for custom launchers.

I did mention custom launchers and it’s great that all of these Android smartphones and tablets support them. That way, you can always choose to opt out of using the stock launcher that came with your device and use a custom launcher instead. This gives you the ability to customize tons of various features, move certain elements around, and just personalize how your smartphone Home Screen looks. This includes the icon pack as well since most custom launchers support the icon packs found in the Play Store.

However, OnePlus 6 owners have the best of both worlds as they can continue using the stock launcher that they’re so used to while also changing the icon pack to one found in the Play Store.

OnePlus 6 Icon Pack Tutorial

  1. Long press on an empty spot of the Home Screen
  2. Then tap the Home Settings option at the bottom right
  3. Choose the Icon Pack option
  4. Then tap on a Icon Pack on display at the bottom of the screen
  5. Swipe left/right to show you all of the Icon Packs that are installed


The good thing about having a feature such as this that is baked into the stock application is that there isn’t a ton of features to sift through to find it. So we start off by long pressing on an empty spot of the Home Screen. This will shrink down your current page and show it as a demo/preview at the top of the screen. Now you want to look down and tap the Home Settings option that you see on the right side. This takes you to the overall settings page for the OnePlus Launcher.

There are a number of customization options to choose from here but we’ll be ignoring all of them except for the Icon Pack one. This is located toward the bottom of the list and tapping on it will bring us back to a screen that we saw earlier. This is where we get a preview of the Home Screen at the top and then some options at the bottom. This time though, you will see all of the Icon Packs that you have installed on the OnePlus 6. There are three different icon packs installed automatically with additional ones added after that.

OnePlus 6 Icon Pack Preview
With the preview image up, you can see what the OnePlus 6 Icon Pack will look like with your current Home Screen.

To change the currently selected OnePlus 6 Icon Pack you will just need to tap on one of them that you see at the bottom. As soon as you tap on one then you should see the icons changing in the preview image above. This will work for all of the icon packs we have installed and is a great way to see how the selected icon pack will look without having to leave this menu screen. The three stock options are very basic with changes only happening to the background image that the icon uses.

However, we can choose from a lot of different icon packs that are available in the Play Store. In fact, when you reach the end of your scrolling preview list of installed icon packs you will see another option labeled More. Tapping this will open up the Play Store application with the search term “icon pack” already entered. So if you want, you can go ahead and scroll through all of the ones that are available here. Or you can modify this search term and narrow your results by doing a search for blue icon packs, or green icon packs, or even icon packs that match a certain video game, art style, etc.

Once you have tapped on the OnePlus 6 Icon Pack you like the most then just tap on the Home button to go back to the Home Screen.


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