OnePlus is again in hot waters after another security flaw. This time this is a minor security breach than the previous one. But it also raises concerns that how the company deals with the user’s data.

The Chinese Tech giant Oneplus claims to make user’s data more secure during a survey for the latest release of Oxygen OS 10.5.11.

The Smartphone manufacturer didn’t know that the email addresses of the users participating in the survey were exposed to hundreds of other OnePlus users.

They send the emails using “To Tab” instead of using the BCC bar to hide the email addresses, so the receiver of the email was exposed to the other receiver email addresses.

This email leaked issue was highlighted by the Reddit user in a post who also uploaded the picture of the post.

OnePlus didn’t respond to this matter till yet and it is not confirmed how many users are affected by this mismanagement. But the Reddit user who posted the information first, reveals that there are hundreds of affected users.

OnePlus didn’t leak the user’s data for the first time due to mismanagement, they have done it before and have to bear the consequences.

In 2019, the Chinese smartphone maker Oppo’s sub-brand OnePlus revealed the user’s information including their names, email addresses, contact numbers, and their shipping addresses.

OnePlus Previous Data Leaks:

In 2018, OnePlus also involved in a data breach due to which the credit card data of more than 40,000 users have reveled.

As they have been into data breaches many times and more and more user’s data are being online it is the right time they have to invest in their Data security.

Data have now become virtual money as many privates pieces of information are being online and can be illegally used due to little mismanagement.

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