OnePlus Installs Dedicated Charging Stations in Indian Airports
OnePlus Installs Dedicated Charging Stations in Indian Airports

After gaining fame by launching super cool budget premium smartphones, OnePlus is now planning a typical PR move by installing charging stations at airports in India. It has already set up one in Bangalore’s airport, with New Delhi being next. Eligible OnePlus handsets will notify users whenever with the nearby station, using in-built beacons.

OnePlus Charging Stations in India

OnePlus Charging Stations
OnePlus Charging Stations

OnePlus has taken the Android premium segment by a storm. The Chinese OEM has made its mark already, with quickly gaining the most loyal base. And now, to strengthen that, it’s a planting dedicated charging stations at airports in India. Starting with Bangalore initially, it announced to set up one soon in New Delhi.

For this to work, the company mentioned the eligible handsets like OnePlus 8, OnePlus 7 and OnePlus Nord, with support for OnePlus 6 coming soon. Also, these need to be running on the latest OS to have a software feature enabled, which will then scan for the nearby charging stations and notify the user with a prompt to charge.

Users can ignore the notification of they’re not interested in charging. The notification will take to a window which details the name of the nearby location, with estimated distance to reach. OnePlus says this will work with the help of beacons set in the latest handsets, which will communicate with the nearby stations to notify users.

OnePlus mentioned that users should be carrying their Red Cables themselves, thus it would be providing only the adapters and docking ports. Also, these would be of 30W WARP charging technology, thus taking less time to juice up the whole battery. Though airports have phone charging stations, as usual, setting up a dedicated one looks more like a PR move.

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