OnePlus Nord Users Report Automatic Factory Resets Erasing Their Data
OnePlus Nord Users Report Automatic Factory Resets Erasing Their Data

As several OnePlus users reported, several OnePlus Nord handsets are arbitrarily factory resetting themselves and erasing the phone data. This isn’t limited a specific firmware nor a region. It’s even reported to happen multiple times for the same device, angering the users to report in OnePlus forums. OnePlus is said to be working on a fix for this bug.

OnePlus Nord Phones Factory Resetting Automatically

The premium-budget community has rejoiced with the launch of OnePlus Nord since it carries a reputable brand value and provides premium experience at an affordable price. While many have rushed to buy it out, people who’re using it are now reporting a serious issue in their handsets.

As per several users from several OnePlus forums, a bug is causing the OnePlus Nord devices to factory reset themselves without intimating the users. They report to be feeling warn when carrying their Nord in their pockets, and when checked out, it’s resetting automatically! The issue hasn’t been properly documented yet, since it’s not limited to a certain firmware version of a region.

While we’ve seen technical bugs performing such arbitrary actions in past, they never caused data loss! But, this automated factory resetting is erasing the data from the phone, say users. While OnePlus hasn’t acknowledged the problem officially, the service representatives approached by affected users were told that the company is working on a fix.

And since it’s not limited to a region of a specific firmware, it’s even harder to identify the exact cause of these actions. While the Nord users are fighting against this issue, the company is gearing up to launch a new phone – OnePlus 8T next month! This is slightly stepped up version of the current flagship, OnePlus 8 Pro.

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