OnePlus smartwatch

OnePlus is expanding its portfolio and OnePlus smartwatch is coming soon. OnePlus started pretty well with smartphones. Over the years they have moved from “Flagship killer” to the flagship. 

In 2020 they have launched their first flagship OnePlus 8/8 Pro with the price tag of $900. But they didn’t stop there, a few months back they launched a midrange device OnePlus Nord after a gap of five years.

OnePlus as a company now evolving and expanding its product portfolio in many other segments. Almost every OEM especially the Chinese have done this as they expanded their product lines.

Two years back OnePlus launched Bullet neckband earphones and they launched their own LED Tv. This year along with the OnePlus Nord they launched their first truly wireless OnePlus buds. So, here’s are the few rumours that we could see an OnePlus smartwatch in the coming months.

Expanding portfolio:

Smartphones manufacturer just don’t depend on their smartphone sales these days. Along with the smartphones the OEMs have their lineup of accessories that is compatible with the smartphones and added more value. Many brands have entered the AIoT segment with Xiaomi gaining immense success in this.

OnePlus also trying to expand its product line by launching various products over the past couple of years. OnePlus have launched Bullets wireless earphones that got them success. They ventured into Smart TV and launched their TV lineup and now they also launched TWS OnePlus buds. They also have an e-wallet service called OnePlus Pay which directly competes with the like of Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay. Considering all their product expansion, it won’t be surprised if they launched an OnePlus Smartwatch.

OnePlus Smartwatch:

The rumours of the OnePlus smartwatch are quite similar to that of the Google Pixel Watch. There was news for both watches being in development but till now none of them has been launched. OnePlus smartwatch rumours are pretty old in fact in 2016, the company’s CEO Pete Lau revealed that they have stopped working on it. According to the CEO, the final design is not suitable so they have stopped working on it for a time being.

However, according to the Xda-developers OnePlus smartwatch listing appears on the Indonesian Certification Listing. The Watch also showed up to the Telecoms Licensing System’s database. The watch comes with a model number W301GB, apart from that no details were mentioned.

OnePlus smartwatch

As Oppo released their Oppo watch recently so it is assumed that OnePlus watch is also inspired by Oppo watch. Both companies are related to each other as they came under the same brand. And OnePlus launch products which are quite similar to that of Oppo and also at the same time. For Instance, OnePlus 8 Pro resembles a lot with the Oppo Find X2 pro in terms of design and specifications. 

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