Opera Crypto Browser

Popular browser developer Opera launches a dedicated Web3 “crypto browser” in beta today. The newly launched crypto browser will have features like a built-in crypto wallet, NFT exchange option, easy access to the most popular cryptocurrencies, dApps (decentralized apps) support, and much more.

The purpose of this new browser is to “simplify the Web3 user experience that is often bewildering for mainstream users.” said Opera EVP Jorgen Arnensen.

The main feature of this browser is the inclusion of a crypto wallet that will support blockchain technology and popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Celo, and Nervos. The developer also announced a partnership with polygon and others. The browser will let users access their cryptocurrencies without any extra extensions and users will also use third-party crypto wallets as well in the browser.

Users can exchange, buy cryptocurrencies via fiat, swap cryptocurrencies in the browser, receive the currencies and check their wallet balance within the newly launched crypto browser.

Another interesting feature of this browser is the Web3 also known as blockchain-based decentralized internet. Along with offering extra security through blockchain-based encryption, it also gives users access to GameFi.

The Opera States in a blog Post:

“Where you can earn as you play your way through all sorts of metaverses. It also offers a “Crypto Corner” with the latest blockchain news that also “lets you grow your Web3 skills.”

Firefox developer Mozilla also announced recently that they will accept donations in cryptocurrencies as well. But they stop accepting donations in cryptocurrencies after severe backlash from users as well as from its co-founder Jamie Zawinski due to blockchain’s environmental impact. To counter this argument Opera said that they are implementing an energy-efficient Ethereum layer quickly within the browser. French game developer Ubisoft also faced a lot of similar criticism when it started offering NFT and other blockchain-based technologies.

Opera on the other hand introduces a totally new browser for cryptocurrencies instead of offering this technology to its already established browser. Users have the choice to go for the regular opera browser or they can choose the newly launched crypto browser which is by the way in the Beta version as of now. Along with the regular and crypto browser they have a dedicated browser for gamers as well. The newly launched crypto browser is for all popular platforms like Android, Mac, and Windows.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology adoption rates increased multi-fold during the past two years. Many companies are jumping into the bandwagon of virtual currencies and offering some sort of service to their users. Users showing great interest in virtual currencies and daily trade and transactions of cryptocurrencies are increasing.

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