OPPO Find X problems

OPPO Find X is a great piece of Smartphone which has been recently introduced by the company. Users actually love this smartphone greatly. But like all other smartphone, this one too has arrived with few issues. And already users have started reporting about some very common OPPO Find X problems. So, we have highlighted in this article the most common OPPO Find X issues along with their fixes. Have a read if you are facing any. If not, it may help in the future definitely.

10 most common OPPO Find X problems and their fixes

Wi-fi issue:

This is one of the very common issues with OPPO Find X that has been reported so far by most of the users. As per them, they are not able to connect to Wi-Fi at all. Here are the fixes for that.


  • Try restarting the Smartphone once. It may resolve all kind of small issues like this. Also, reset the router once.
  • Ensure the router is up-to-date and there is no obstacle in front of the router.
  • Put the OPPO Find X once in airplane mode and turn it off back. This will offer a fresh restart which may resolve the issue for you.
  • Try checking if the phone is connecting with other available Wi-Fi nearby.
  • One of the reasons may be, many devices are trying to connect to the same Wi-Fi. So, close all the other devices and then check again.
  • Give your Wi-fi a new start by forgetting and re-adding the connection from the settings menu.
  • Ensure you have entered the right password after changing it once.

Try all these fixes one by one and it will definitely resolve the Wi-Fi issue in your OPPO Find X.


Bluetooth issue:

OPPO Find X problems

This is another connectivity issue in almost every smartphone and this is very true with the OPPO Find X as well. Here are the fixes for this issue. So, have a read.


  • Restart the phone, turn off the Bluetooth, wait for few seconds and turn it on back to see if that can resolve the issue for you.
  • Check if the power saving mode is on. This will restrict the Bluetooth from working.
  • Update your phone with the latest update available.
  • Disconnect all other devices with the same Bluetooth and then try performing the task.
  • Clear the cache memory of the Bluetooth app. Sometimes too much of cache can lead to such OPPO Find X problems.
  • Ensure your phone is clean and is not attacked by any virus.
  • The data you are trying to transfer through Bluetooth should not be too long. Or else do not select too many stuff one at a time.


Performance issue:

Lag in performance or slow performance is what really annoying. This makes us highly irritated when we are in the mid of a task and the phone does not perform as expected. There are several reasons for such issues and the fixes for it are explained here.


  • First restart your phone.
  • Next, check the phone memory and uninstall all the unnecessary files, folders and documents. Also, you can move the apps to the SD card if
  • Close all the running apps in the backgrounds. This can affect the phone performance greatly.
  • Do not use the phone while it is charging.
  • Clear cache of all the installed apps very often.
  • Turn off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use.
  • Check if the phone is updated with the latest OS.


Oppo Find X overheating issue:

Overheating is a very common issue that has been reported for all the Smartphone available in the market. A phone gets overheated over time due to uses. But, if it starts to heat in the beginning, you need to be bit cautious. Anyways, Oppo Find X is a very good Smartphone that did not arrive with any glitches; rather the overheating issue is only happening because of some small issues. The fixes are explained here.


  • Ensure the phone is updated with the latest OS available.
  • There might be some culprit app that can be the real issue. So, check the battery usage and see which app is using the most battery amount. Uninstall that from your device.
  • Turn off all the background apps that are not required.
  • Turn off the GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use.
  • Ensure you are not using the phone while charging.
  • Do not play games for too long or else while it is charging.
  • Restart the phone once. It may resolve several small issues promptly.
  • Sometimes the phone cover can create this overheating issue. So, check by removing the phone case once if the issue is gone now.


Battery drain issue:

OPPO Find X problems

Another most common Oppo Find X problem is the battery drain issue. My, battery is draining too quickly, this has became a very common phrase till date. And the same goes true for the Oppo Find X users as well. This is a very small issue that you can fix by following some small tips. The tips are explained below.


  • Do not use the phone while it is charging.
  • Too many unnecessary apps running in the background can cause this kind of issue.
  • Ensure you have not installed so many apps that are not actually
  • Do not play the games that are not compatible with your smartphone.
  • Turn off all the unnecessary setting such as GPS location, Wi-fi, power saving mode and lower the screen brightness.
  • Do not use any other charger or the USB cable to charge your phone from the laptop. Rather use the charger only that you got out of the phone box.
  • Do not multitask.
  • Finally, factory reset the phone in case nothing is able to fix the issue for you.


Touchscreen unresponsiveness issue:

The touch screen of Oppo Find X is another attraction. But, what if the touchscreen stops working? Well, not to worry more as some simple small issue is causing the problem. So, follow the mentioned workarounds here and you will be done with the issue.

  • Ensure the phone is updated with the latest OS available.
  • Remove the glass if you have put any. Also, you can remove the pre-installed glass to see if the touch screen of the smartphone is working fine.
  • Clean the phone screen with a soft and clean towel. But do not touch the phone with wet hands.
  • Disable all the very recently installed apps. Sometimes some culprit apps can cause this issue.
  • Clear cache of all the apps. Also, clean the device memory.
  • Finally, perform a factory reset to resolve the screen unresponsiveness issue.


Unexpected shutdown issue:

Unexpected shutdown or random shut down is another most common Oppo Find X problem. Below are the fixes for that.


  • When the phone gets overheated, it shut down on its own. So, check if the phone gets heated very frequently and follow all the tips mentioned above to avoid the overheating of the phone.
  • Update the Oppo Find X with the latest update available.
  • Put the phone in safe mode to check if the same issue is happening. If not, then some culprit apps are creating such an issue. Recognize it and uninstall it from the device.
  • Next, charge your phone completely and let it drain till it is shut down on its own.
  • Finally, perform a factory reset to see if that can fix the unexpected shutdown issue for you.


Apps crashing issue:

Some Oppo Find X users have reported that some of the apps and games crash suddenly or unexpectedly as they try opening it. Here are the fixes for this issue.


  • First, restart your Oppo Find X.
  • Next, ensure the app is updated. If not, then update it from the play store.
  • You can try another thing which is uninstalling the app and then install it back from Play store to see if that resolve the issue for you.
  • If still the same issue persists, go to settings> Application and choose that troubled app. Clear its cache and data. You will lose every detail of that app. However, it’s not a big deal as you can set it back.


Not able to recognize the Windows of PC:

This issue is not that like all other Oppo Find X problems. What happens here is when the phone is connected to a PC for some reasons, the phone is not able to recognize the Windows of the PC. However, do not worry at all for such small issue. It can be resolved easily by following some easy tips and tricks.


  • Ensure first the windows on the PC is genuine.
  • Next, check the connection. It should not be loose anyway. Also, check the USB cable that you are using for connecting both the devices.
  • Also, restart the phone once after connecting it with the PC.
  • The phone should not be in MTP mode. Check that part as well by going to the settings menu.


Earpiece related issue:

The earpiece of the phone is not working and the sound is a bit robotic. This is what has been reported by many of the Oppo Find X users. If you too have faced the same issue then read on the fixes below.


  • Restart the phone once to see if that can help you resolve the issue.
  • Ensure the sound driver is updated.
  • The connection should be proper. So check that and also make sure you are using the earpiece that you got with phone.
  • Do not use any other earpiece as it can give rise to such issue.


So, these are the most common Oppo Find X problems. Many of the users have complained about these issues so far. Hope, this article will help all the Oppo Find X users. So, have a thorough read to overcome all the issues that you may face in future.


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