Over 13 Billion User Records From a Database Indexing Portal Leaked

A database indexing platform called Cit0day had its database worth 50GB leaked in a hacking forum. This is now being explicitly shared online for various malicious purposes. Surprisingly, the site’s been displaying an FBI seizure notice, but without no information on any arrests made to its alleged operator. The leaked dump is said to be having over 23,600 databases with over 13 billion user records.

Cit0day Database Leaked Online For Free

While it’s common that a hacker may sell his stolen database for the desired price privately, there are portals which gather all such databases to sell them in a subscription-based model for anyone interested. Cit0day is one such service, just like the LeakedSource and WeLeakInfo, which were shut down by the authorities in 2018 and 2020 respectively.

And now, the successfully running site, Cit0day had a typical fate of leaking its database online. While no one knew how this had happened, the database of Cit0day
containing 23,618 datasets with 13 billion user records leaked online. These stolen datasets are pulled from various small and big websites, having e-mail addresses, usernames and even plaintext passwords.

Some have discussed the possibility of the site’s operator getting arrested since a banner displaying a seizure notice by FBI and CISA was seen last month. But this ruled out to be fake, since it’s there are no official reports of Cit0day’s alleged operator, Xrenovi4 getting arrested. Also, a comment request made to FBI spokesperson was declined.

Cit0day seizure notice by FBI
Cit0day seizure notice by FBI

Yet, people forgot how it got leaked and involved in cashing the opportunity. It was posted in a Russian hacker forum last month, and been alive for only a few hours being pulled down for abuse notices. Well, this gave cybercriminals the adequate time to download the dataset and spread to other portals later.

It’s reported that some data brokers have been circulating this dump is not just underground forums, but also in public Telegram and Discord channels. The total database was worth 50GB, and its authenticity was confirmed by the forum members before being taken down.

What’s more worrying that Cit0day has provided most of the databases as dehashed, meaning the passwords were cracked and displayed in plaintext. This makes it easier for the cybercriminals, who were reported to have started abusing the data with credential stuffing, spam campaigns and other means of attacks.

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