Snapdragon 875

Snapdragon 875 will be unveiled on December 5th this year. It is Qualcomm’s first SoC based on 5nm fabrication and is the flagship SoC.

Apart from performance improvement, it also supports the 100W fast charging based on Qualcomm quick charge 5. 100W fast charging isn’t available commercially and will come with the Qualcomm chipset next year. With this amount of fast charging, the phone will top up from 0% to 50% in five minutes.

As these technologies will go official in 2021, OEMs will start announcing their devices with these features. According to Digital Chat station, in 2021 there will be five smartphones with Snapdragon 875 and 100W fast charging. All these five devices will be the flagship and may come from different OEMs.

Samsung Galaxy S21 will be expected to be the first smartphone to come with Snapdragon 875 and support 100W fast charging. Other devices with both these features might be the OnePlus 9 series and Xiaomi Mi 11 series. All of these devices have been leaked and listed on the Geekbench benchmark.

Meizu, a Chinese company, might also release a top-of-the-line smartphone in the first quarter of 2021. LG might not release a flagship device in the first half of 2021 as there is no news yet.

There are also chances that among these brands, no one will launch a device with 100W fast charging. There are chances that other brands that we haven’t mentioned here will launch a device with 100W fast charging.

Xiaomi will launch a device with this amount of fast charging as the company is teasing this technology. They have previously been teased about this technology and are working on it for quite some time.

More details will be revealed once the Qualcomm event started next month. All companies will announce their flagship devices with Qualcomm Snapdragon 875. We will see more details and announcements in early 2021.

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