iPhone 13 Unable To Communicate With Apple Watch

Ping My Watch, the opposite of what Ping My iPhone on your Apple Watch does, is now available on iPhones with iOS 17. The new edition does precisely what it says – ringing your Apple Watch from a connected iPhone.

This feature was talked about by Apple earlier and now shows up on iPhones running iOS 17. Interested users should enable this feature initially, from the Control Center of Settings, before finding their Apple Watch.

Finding Your Lost Apple Watch

Apple has a lot of devices in it’s ecosystem, with iPhones being the most popular ones. Well, the company’s smartwatches are fairly popular in the consumer market, with it’s Apple Watches being leaders in their segment. Thus, you’d see most Apple fans having an iPhone and an Apple Watch, making it a good pair.

Apple knew this trap and to help such users find their missing goods, the company introduced the “Ping My iPhone” feature in Apple Watches earlier. As the name notes, this feature would help Apple Watch users find connected iPhones through a pinging sound.

All you need to do is swipe up your Apple Watch and tap on the phone icon – and it’ll make the connected iPhone beep to get noticed. You can long press on the same phone icon to make the iPhone beep and flash simultaneously, thus finding it better.

The same feature is coming to iPhones running iOS 17 but in reverse mode. Named “Ping My Watch“, iPhone users running on iOS 17 can now ping their connected Apple Watch as it does with their iPhones. This edition is now available in Settings > Control Center > Ping My Watch.

Ping My Watch in iOS 17
Ping My Watch in iOS 17

Well, you should tap the + button next to this option to add your Apple Watch and continue using it. A thing to note, this feature works only when both devices are in Bluetooth range and connected. So for longer distances, you better use Apple’s Find My app to ping your watch or iPhone. iOS 17 is currently in beta version and is expected to be available generally in September this year.

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