Pixel 4a Users Running on Android 11 Report Several Touchscreen Issues
Pixel 4a Users Running on Android 11 Report Several Touchscreen Issues

Some Pixel 4a users running on Android 11 are reporting about a touchscreen issue, where the handset is performing ghost touches and unresponsive scrolling. While many thought it to be a problem because of Android 11 update, a Google employee in Google Issue Tracker confirmed it to be a hardware problem rather than software. Users report removing the screen protector can fix this.

Pixel 4a Running on Android 11 Report Touch Problems

While we are waiting for the grand Android 11 update to our handsets, Pixel users are already having it. While we think it to be a special privilege to those Google handsets, users of Pixel phones running on Android 11 are now reporting unusual touch sensitivity problems.

Many have taken to XDA and Google forums to report their own stories. Out of most, the issue is common among those who’ve updated their device to Android 11. Users tried regular troubleshooting techniques like factory resetting, rebooting and launching in safe mode, but none have worked. The only useful solutions were – either downgrading to Android 10 or removing the screen protector.

If you’re a Pixel 4a user and having this issue of unresponsive touch of automatic touch operations (ghost touch) anytime, peeping off the screen protector (if having on) can resolve the issue, as per current victims. While one said switching to “short” in Touch and hold settings in Accessibility, it’s still limited.

Few have speculated this to be because of a toggle given exclusively by Google to Pixel 4 devices, which makes them work better for screen protectors – it isn’t. Later, a Google employee has written in the Google Issue Tracker that, the problem is related to more of hardware, rather than the software. Thus, we hope Google acknowledges this growing issue and releases a patch.

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