Pixel 5 Smartphones Are Having Gaps Between Display and Frame

Though it’s been just a few days that Pixel 5 is reaching the customers, many have reported some irregularities in their handset’s body. Complaints from XDA forums and Pixel product forums tell that Pixel 5 devices are having a gap between the screen and its plastic bumper. Users report to see these gaps on different sides and worry about its water resistance capacity now.

Pixel 5 Handsets Have Screen Gaps!

Pixel 5 is Google’s latest flagship smartphone, having some truly high-end features in cameras and software. While it’s applauded for its simplistic design and photography capabilities, it’s now accused by some of the users for having slight gaps at some parts. Though the complaints are not so wide yet, they’re significant considering the limited number of Pixel 5 handsets in the market.

Gaps in Pixel 5
Gaps in Pixel 5

Also, since the number of complaints is increasing with every day, it’s reasonable to care. Many have reported the gap between the bio resin-coated aluminium frame and the plastic bumper of the phone. Others have showcased images of their handsets having gaps around the front camera display to the body. And some show it just above the SIM slot.

While these are less visible, considering the Pixel 5 as a premium phone, it’s disgusting. Users are worried about the phone’s IP rated capability, where these gaps could allow water in, in unexpected situations. While we don’t know how this affects the water resistance capability, it surely affects the dust resistance capability.

Having gaps in the phone means it’s easy for dust to enter, and if the user is unaware, they stick and settle, making the condition worse. Reports tell that all users see this gap out-of-the-box, thus it confirmed that the gap isn’t forming gradually. And since Google hasn’t acknowledged yet, we wait to see how the company addresses when noticed.

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