Here you’ll find a list of all the available custom ROMs that you can install on your Pixel or your Pixel XL smartphone from Google.

Now that you should know how to do things like unlock the bootloader of the Pixel phones and install TWRP on the Pixel phones. Plus I have walked you through on how to install a custom ROM on the Pixel phones, it’s time to start looking for a custom ROM for you to choose from.

A custom ROM will generally not bring you any additional battery life (unless they can optimize the features better than someone else), but they can bring you a ton of new features.

My favorite custom ROM right now is the Pure Nexus project from BeansTown106 since it is based on Google’s stock version of Android. This means you get all of the optimizations that Google put into the camera, as well as the optimizations they put into the performance and battery life with the stock kernel. So since we have the best that Google can offer here, it’s nice to get a ton of extra features that Beans has added into the custom ROM (like theming support, nav bar options, etc.).

Custom ROMs, like a custom kernel, is all based on personal preference so it’s advised that you go through these and try out a bunch of different ones. You may like the features or design style that one custom ROM offers over another. So create your Nandroid backups of the Pixel phone and experiment to see which ones you like the most.

Best Pixel Custom ROMs

Best Pixel XL Custom ROMs

As I mentioned in the guide I wrote for how to install a custom ROM on the Pixel phone, you should be sure to read through the first page (at the very least) of the custom ROM you want to install. There could be some special instructions there and you will need to follow those exactly as described. The custom ROMs listed above are in no particular order. I just pulled them from their respective XDA sub forum so they are easy to skim through and pick out the one you are looking for.

You can use my install guide as a baseline, but you could find some additional requirements mentioned in those XDA threads for a custom ROM. Also, since development has been rather slow for the Pixel phones, I may not have all of the available ones listed here (depending on when you read this). So, if you feel that I missed a custom ROM in this list, I would appreciate it if you included a link to it in the comments section below. I do require that these links be to the XDA thread though since I trust that community.

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