Pokemon Go Problems And Solutions

Pokemon Go Problems And Solutions

The popularity of the augmented reality gaming app Pokemon Go shows no signs of stopping. Everyday thousands of new players are being added to the mix. But the vast number of users logging into the game every day has given rise to certain problems for players who use the app daily. Here are some common problems and their fixes:


1. Battery Gets Depleted Quickly –

Since the game employs GPS navigation, compass and a constant internet connection to operate, it is understandable that it uses a great deal of battery life, leading to the necessity of recharging the phone constantly, or the phone dying suddenly in the middle of a quest to find a Pokemon. Some ways to deal with the issue are –

>Turning on the battery saver option available on the app Smartphone.

>Enabling batter saving option on your Smartphone.

>Turning off music and sound effects for the game.

>Lowering the screen brightness for your phone.

>Opting not to make use of the augmented reality feature of the game.


2. Pokemon Go Unavailable in Your Country –

The game has millions of fans scattered over different parts of the world, and it is a matter of great anguish for fans from many countries that the game is not available in their country yet.

This problem has give rise to fake Pokemon Go apps that claim to allow the user the chance to play the game in any country. However, these illegal apps can cause a great deal of damage to the phone, and desperate gamers must avoid downloading them and allowing the apps access to their personal information.

One way that gamers can play the game in those countries is by side loading the app and re enabling the ‘unknown sources’ security check in the Smartphone before using the app.

Another method some gamers employ is using a fake GPS location program to fool the game into believing you are in a country where the game is available.


3. Failed to Detect GPS signal –

Pokemon Go is still a young game that is constantly evolving to meet customer demand. This can sometimes result in the unexpected problem of the game not detecting the Smartphone’s GPS signal. Some things you can to do address the issue are –

>Turning the GPS off and then turning it back on.

>Reinstalling the game, and restarting the phone.

>Ensuring that the GPS positioning tool is set for ‘high accuracy’

>For GPS to work at its optimum capacity the sky needs to be as clear as possible, with not too many tall buildings that can impeded signal activity.


4. Trainer Won’t Move –

Sometimes, your Pokemon Go trainer avatar is unable to navigate the game screen and move to new locations, and instead keeps walking in the same spot. This problem is caused by the game servers crashing, and the app will need to be restarted in order to function properly again.


5. Game Freezes While Catching Pokemon –

One of the most frustrating problems encountered during the gameplay is the screen freezing in the middle of a battle. Turning the data connection on and off usually solves the problem, as does switching on the airplane mode for your smartphone.

If neither options work, you will need to restart the app to have it function properly again. Switch off the net connection and turn in on again. Now turn on the game. Once the game is back in play, you should see the Pokemon you were after safely stored in your Pokeball.


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