Razer Exposed Customers Personal Data Through a Misconfigured Server
Razer Exposed Customers Personal Data Through a Misconfigured Server

The gaming equipment maker, Razer has allegedly exposed its online store’s database for a while. This was spotted by Bob Diachenko and was secured after reported to Razer. The details belonging to 100,000 customers were leaked, that include no sensitive data like payment info but have identifiable information like name, contact and billing address. Customers are advised to be vigilant if any potential phishing attacks.

Razer Exposed PII of 100,000 Customers

Razer is a Singapore-America based firm that specialises in making gaming gears like a mouse, keyboard, headphones and even laptops. These high-end products are widely purchased by gaming enthusiasts from various countries via its online/offline stores or e-commerce websites.

Since last month, a security researcher named Bob Diachenko claimed that the database of Razer’s online store was exposed online. The reason for exposure is the simple misconfiguration of not setting a password to that database, which is exposed to surface web and available for anyone to be found via regular browsers.

Customers Personal Data snippet from exposed database
Customers Personal Data snippet from exposed database

While there are no reports of any exploit yet, Diachenko said he tried contacting the Razer Inc via their support systems, who repeatedly failed to understand the situation. And when Diachenko finally made this public via a LinkedIn post, Razer commented saying that no other sensitive data such as credit card numbers or passwords were exposed, and they had fixed the misconfigured server on 9th September.

The exposed database contained customers’ information like his/her name, order details, billing shipping information, but no financial data like credit card details. Razer finally thanked Bob Diachenko for reporting and apologized for leaking so, and said would “conduct a thorough review of our IT security and systems.”

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