Xiaomi devices are so popular that many people will import them from China by going through various resellers online. The thing is, these ship with the Chinese version of MIUI and that means Google Play isn’t installed on them by default. So let me how to easily install the Google Play Store on the Redmi Note 7 and Redmi Note 7 Pro.

Now, if you have purchased a Redmi Note 7 that was imported from China and it already has the Google Play Store on it then you may want to be careful. A lot of resellers will tell you that they are installing it onto your device as a service (so you don’t have to do it yourself).

While they may be true, it could also mean they have installed some malicious software on the device as well.

Personally, I go through the Mi Global Store on AliExpress and request them to send me a closed box version with the Chinese software so I know it has not been tampered with. Sure, it’s a little extra work to get things like the Google Play Store on there (and later switching over to the global version of MIUI), but I feel much safer going this route.

At the end of the day, Xiaomi makes some great devices (hardware wise) at an incredibly price. I am willing to go through these extra steps to make sure there hasn’t been any malicious software installed by the reseller. Whether or not you trust the Chinese version of MIUI is another topic entirely (Xiaomi.eu ROMs are a popular alternative for MIUI fans).

So, if you find yourself with the Redmi Note 7 or Note 7 Pro and it does not have the Google Play Store installed on it, then follow these steps to download it from Xiaomi’s Mi App Store instead.

How to Install the Google Play Store on the Redmi Note 7

  1. Open up the Xiaomi Mi App Store

    This is the red/orange app icon labeled App Store

    Redmi Note 7 Install Google Play Store Mi Apps

  2. Search for the following word in the text box at the top. . .


    Redmi Note 7 Install Google Play Store Search

  3. And then press the blue Enter button at the bottom right of the keyboard


  4. Scroll down all the way to the bottom and tap on the option that looks like this. . .

    Redmi Note 7 Install Google Play Store App

  5. It should take you to an app page for an application that weighs about 167KB


  6. Tap the Install button to the right

    Redmi Note 7 Install Google Play Store App Install

  7. Then tap the Open button

    Redmi Note 7 Install Google Play Store App Open

  8. Look toward the bottom of the app it opened and then tap the big blue circle button

    Redmi Note 7 Install Google Play Store Blue Button

  9. Once tapped, we need to give this app permission to install applications so tap the Settings option at the bottom

    Redmi Note 7 Install Google Play Store Settings

  10. Enable this permission by tapping the Allow From This Source toggle

    Redmi Note 7 Install Google Play Store Toggle

  11. Then tap the back button to go back into the previous application


  12. Look at the bottom right of the screen and tap the Install button to begin the installation script


  13. It will install that application and show a Done button at the bottom

    However, do not tap this Done button as this script should continue from one application install to the next

  14. Continue tapping the Install button at the bottom right for each application it wants to install

    And keep this up until it installs the last app (which should be the Google Play Store)

  15. When it gets to the last app in the script you will want to tap the Open button that appears to the right of the Done button


  16. This will open the Google Play application and ask you to sign into your Google account


  17. Once signed in, tap the Home button to go back to the Home Screen

    You should see the Google Play Store application icon at the end of the Home Screen

  18. Tap the Google Play Store app icon to open it and you can then install and use applications and games from the Play Store


  19. You will get this prompt the first time you attempt to open any application installed from the Play Store

    Simply tap Accept and you’ll be able to use the application like normal without seeing the prompt for that app again.

    Redmi Note 7 Install Google Play Store Allow


Now, close to 20 steps just to get the Google Play Store installed on a Chinese version of the Redmi Note 7 or Note 7 Pro may seem excessive. This can sound especially so if the reseller you are in contact with is one that you trust and one that says they will do all of this for you if you buy it from them.

Whether or not you trust said reseller is something you will have to decide on. This whole process may have taken me 5 minutes from start to finish. The video is longer due to me explaining the steps we are taking but this isn’t something that will take you 15+ minutes.

Although, I should say this is taking download times out of account since I have a fast internet connection. It may take you longer if your download speed is slow.

Installing Google Play Store Apps on the Redmi Note 7

The applications downloaded from the Play Store after all of this is done should work exactly the same as a smartphone you purchased from your home country (that comes bundled with the Play Store). There may be certain situations where you will want or need to install other apps to complete the package though.

For instance, if you want Chrome as your web browser then you’ll need to install it manually through the Play Store. The same can be said with Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive and everything else. What we’re installing here is a barebones version of the Google Play Store and the services that are required for the apps to run.

You will even want to manually install applications such as Google Play Games if you want to sync your game progress from one device to another. And you will want to manually install Google Play Books, Movies, TV Shows to get the content you have purchased from your account onto the Redmi Note 7.


  1. hi post this tutorial i still finf applications like google maps not working, as it tends to use the previously used locations. any way i can overcome this as i find google maps unable to pinpoint the exact location i am in .

    • I can test that right now real quick.

      So as soon as I open up Google Maps I get the prompt at the bottom asking if it’s okay for hte Google Play Store to open this app. I allow it and then I am show a zoomed out map of the United States. If I tap the white button in the bottom right (with a question mark in it) I am prompted to allow this application to have location access (both GPS and Network-based).

      I allow this and then I am taken to a ‘see more on Google Maps’ page which asks me to turn on Location History. For this example I go ahead and turn it on (which shouldn’t be required but I’ll go ahead and allow it for this test) and then I’m taken back to Google Maps with another prompt (in the middle of the page this time).

      This one is just asking me to turn on the location service (for the entire device, since I have it enabled) and again I tap OK to allow it.

      After a few seconds the large map of the United States zooms all the way in to my state, directly into my city, and not only shows me my exact spot (as it shows me on my Pixel 2 XL), but it also shows me the direction I am facing (just like the Pixel 2 XL)

      So, I’m not sure why it isn’t working for you. I am running the Chinese version of MIUI right now and it’s working just like I would expect here in the United States. Make sure you have the GPS toggle turned on in the quick settings panel (aka location services) and make sure you grant the Google Maps application location permission.

      You can even go Settings -> Installed Apps -> Tap on Google Maps -> Tap on Permissions -> and make sure the “Get Location Info’ permission is enabled.

  2. Hi, I have followed your tutorial and installed google play store. I can open it but for some reason I can’t download any apps from it? It says error 490 and my network is fine, any suggestion?

  3. I tried to follow the tutorial, but i can’t install google pmay services 🙁 someone knows if there’s a solution for this?

  4. i done it, but when i open the google play store it stuck in a loop of “checking info” can someone help.

  5. Hello Doug,
    Thank you for the tutorial on the redmi note 7. I’ve managed to follow your instructions to the letter without any adverse problems.
    Is it at all possible to do a tutorial for the redmi note 7 to remove all the Chinese app’s that I cannot understand and are not therefore needed by me personally also they are taking up storage that could be freed up.
    kind regards.

  6. Hi Doug, thanks for the tutorial. I hit the done button at point 13 before, reading that I was not supposed to do that. Now the script is stuck. Any idea how to fix this.

  7. Hi Doug,

    I have followed your tutorial (super informative) however my device is not connecting to the store after i have downloaded it as per your script. the message i receive is ;
    “Couldn’t sign in
    There is a problem communicating with the Google services.
    Try again later. ”

    I recently ordered the device online and not sure how else to connect it after the above mentioned.

    I have tried to uninstall both apps many times and have rebooted after installing as well.

    Im an expat in China and still need to access Google Play Store. Please assist with more technical advice.

    • If you’re physically in China then maybe it’s your internet connection/the Chinese internet firewall, that is blocking the connection?

      I would suggest possibly using a VPN service to route outside of China first, then try the connection to Google’s services. But I honestly don’t know if that is in fact what is causing the issue (since I’m able to make the connection while here in the United States).

  8. At the time of install google play store in xiaomi note7 mobile could not installing and show like This app Was built for An older version Of android And may not work properly. Try checking for updates, or contact the developer.


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