120Hz Higher Refresh Rate

Xiaomi under its sub-brand Redmi might launch a smartphone with a 120Hz higher refresh rate. If these rumors are true then this device will be the cheapest to come with the 120Hz higher refresh rate.

Popular tipster Digital Chat Station claims that the upcoming device will be from the Redmi Note 9 series. This device will feature a 120Hz higher refresh rate. One thing to remember that as of now no other manufacturer offers this amount of higher refresh rate in the mid-range segment.

The device will feature a display with Adaptive sync which auto-adjust the refresh rate depending on the application. With adaptive syncing, the refresh rate will reduce to 30Hz to save battery when the static images appear. Similarly, the refresh rate will boost up when the user is playing games. Additionally, the refresh rate will jump between 48Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz, and 90Hz depending on the applications.

As it is a mid-range device so this 120Hz higher refresh rate display is an IPS LCD panel. The display size will be a 6.67-inch IPS LCD panel with 2400*1080p pixel resolutions.

Many users won’t like LCD panels and prefer AMOLED panels for better viewing and color contrast. But to get a 120Hz higher refresh rate in a cheap phone users have to make some compromises. At this price range, an AMOLED display is not present in any device as of now.

Other interesting features might include a 108-MP camera in any of the Redmi devices with a 120Hz higher refresh rate. And it also includes a 33W fast charging with might be 4800 mAh battery. With an Adaptive syncing refresh rate, users will get a full-day long battery life depending on the usage.

If the upcoming device will carry these two features then it will be a pretty awesome offer for the users. The leaks forecast that this device will belong to the hugely popular Redmi Note 9 series. But as of now, it is unclear what name this device will get.

With the previous pricing strategy of the Redmi Note 9 series, the device will launch in-between $300 to $350.

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