Samsung Galaxy A70 Tips And Tricks

Samsung is really very consistent to offer us new devices with every now and then. And Samsung Galaxy a70 is one of their latest inventions that came to the market just three months back. This is no doubt a great mid-range device wrapped up with unique features. So, if you are planning to get this one very soon, you should definitely know the Samsung Galaxy a70 tips and tricks to get the most out of it. Here we have discussed all the hidden and unique features of this Smartphone. So, have a read to explore the phone better.

Samsung Galaxy A70 Tips and Tricks

Set up fingerprint/face for authentication:

Setting up the fingerprint sensor is definitely the first thing you should do. It makes your phone really secure. It will take just two minutes of yours and you will be done. Here is how to set the fingerprint sensor on your Galaxy A70.

  • Go to settings> lock screen and tap on that.
  • Select ‘Enable fingerprint sensor’ and tap on the alternative lock.
  • You can use anything here, a PIN, password, or
  • Enroll your thumb when asked. Once done, tap on the Done button. That’s it.

Disable screen rotation:

Screen rotation is a great feature that will rotate your phone automatically in need. But, this causes irritation too sometimes as the screen keeps rotating for no reason. So, it is suggested that disable the screen rotation and just rotate the phone when you want to see something specific in landscape mode. There will be a pop-up at the bottom of the screen. Just tap on that and your screen will come into landscape mode for that specific app. All other apps will work in normal mode.

Turn on navigation gesture:

Navigation gesture is a very helpful and handy method that will allow swiping the screen from top to bottom and side wise to accomplish any of the tasks. For example, you can go home, back, or open the app drawer just by swiping the screen from top to bottom. But, this feature should be activated first and here is how to do that.

Go to settings> display> Navigation type and select ‘Full-screen gesture’ to activate navigation gesture.

Samsung Galaxy A70 Tips And Tricks

Turn on ‘lift to wake’ feature:

No need to press any button or touch the screen. You can simply wake up your Samsung Galaxy A70 just by taking it out from your pocket or else by lifting it from a table. Anyways, this is not activated by default and this should be activated in the settings menu first. Go to settings> advanced features> Motion and gesture menu and there you will find out the option ‘Lift to wake’. Just turn that option on.

You can also combine this feature with an intelligent app that will scan the phone as soon as it is turned on. So, you do not even have to unlock the phone. Just lift it and start working on it.

Turn on volume keys control media:

Do you know that you can control the media volume by the volume keys rather than using it to control your call volume? So, in order to make the media sound even louder, you need to make some tweaks in the settings. Go to settings > sounds and vibration and turn on the feature there.

Turn on the Home screen lock feature:

There is always a chance that we can accidentally move some apps or delete some apps from the home screen. So, you are suggested to turn on the home screen lock feature which will prevent such blunder. Here is how to turn on this home layout screen lock feature. Go to the settings menu> display> Home screen > and then activate the lock home screen layout feature. So, no more worry to lose or misplace any app or folder accidentally.

Dark mode:

Activating dark mode is one of the great Samsung Galaxy A70 tricks that will help you check your phone at night time. This feature was introduced with Samsung One UI and it is really very useful. You can easily turn this feature on by going to Settings > Display > Night mode.

Remove all the unnecessary notification icons:

Samsung Galaxy A70 Tips And Tricks

If you love to see your phone a cleaner way, you should definitely get rid of the unneeded notification icons. The home screen is full of several notification icons which make the screen look messy. So, go to the status bar in the settings section and turn off the notification icons.

Turn on Pin windows:

Pin window is no doubt one of the great Samsung Galaxy A70 tips that will pin an app after opening it. That means it will be pinned and no buttons on the phone can close it. You can’t access any other app during then. Also, the calls and messages too are blocked during this time. This is helpful when you do not want an app to be closed accidentally.

However, to open the pinned app. You need to press and hold the simmers down. This pin windows feature is activated by going to the Settings > biometrics and security > other security settings > Pin Windows. Once this feature is activated, you can simply pin an app by opening it normally and by pressing the recent app buttons. Next, press the app icon at the top and choose ‘pin this app’ option. That’s it.

Set AOD when the screen is touched:

Always-on-display is a very useful feature on the Samsung Galaxy device that does not allow you to miss any notification. But, sometimes this causes an extra drain of the battery. So, Samsung has brought a new twist in this feature that will ensure that this AOD feature will be activated only when you touch the screen.

This feature can be activated by going to settings> lock screen> Always on display. Next, go to the display mode and click on the tap to show options.

Disable Samsung Pay from activating automatically:

Samsung has added the Samsung Pay as a default app in their (One UI) Galaxy A70 device which gets activated automatically as you swipe the screen from up. This becomes helpful to all those who regularly use this app. But, what if you are a user of Samsung Pay? Turning off this feature is the best solution in that case.

There are two options left with you. You can either uninstall the app completely. Or else, disable this app entirely from the settings menu.

Turn on the assistant menu:

Assistant menu is helpful for all those having physical impairments or motor control. This feature allows accessing the hardware and all other parts of the screen just by tapping or swiping it. Here is how to activate the assistant menu feature.

Go to the settings menu> accessibility> Interaction and dexterity> turn on the assistant menu option.

Enable kids home:

This is a great Samsung Galaxy A70 tips that will help you a lot if you have kids at home. This is nothing but the home screen for kids. You can activate it from the notification panel. It will convert the phone for kids by giving a red color screen along with a kid’s friendly app icon. Also, there will be apps and games that are designed only for the kids.

Use Samsung mall:

Samsung Mall is a great one-stop online shopping service that also has a visual search function. As you click on the image of a product, it will immediately find it from different shopping sites. Here is how to set up the Samsung Mall.

First, open the camera and tap on the Samsung mall at the left side. Capture that you want and store it for future use. This feature will help you a lot if you are a regular buyer of different stuff.

Connect your phone with smart LED:

Do you know that you can enjoy the stuff of your Samsung Galaxy A70 in a bigger smart LED screen? This requires just a good internet connection and that’s all. Here is how you can connect the Samsung Galaxy A70 to the smart LED.

  • First, swipe down in your quick context menu
  • Now tap on the smart view
  • Next, link with your smart LED
  • And finally, allow the LED remote control.

So, you can now enjoy any videos and movies in the smart LED from Samsung Galaxy A70 with ease.

These are the Samsung Galaxy A70 tips and tricks. Try all the tricks above and it will really change the way you see your Smartphone. It will become even more valuable to you. So, start exploring the phone and you will definitely fall in love with it.


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