Samsung Galaxy J7 Widgets Gone After Update

Underneath we’ll get into a portion of the arrangements on How To Fix Samsung Galaxy J7 Widgets Gone After Update.

The Samsung Galaxy J7 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor clocked at 1.4 GHz. It scored a solid 33,107 on the AnTuTu benchmark, which tests overall system performance. That’s a lot better than the Snapdragon 410-powered Stylo 2 (26,822) and the Exynos 3475-powered Galaxy J3 (17,284). Performance is smooth when it comes to launching apps and multitasking. I didn’t notice any slowdown even with several apps running in the background; with 2GB of RAM, you’re not likely to hit the RAM usage limit.


Samsung Galaxy J7 Widgets Gone After Update:

There’s a couple of various ways that you can settle Galaxy J7 Widgets vanished after update, and underneath we’ll disclose a couple of approaches to tackle your concern.


Strategy 1:

The primary answer for settling the Galaxy J7 widgets disappearing after an update is to check whether your applications are saved on your SD card or micro SD. The Android settings prevent or block applications that are installed on a SD card/external storage, however there’s an approach around this issue for the widgets of Android. You can simply move the applications back from the SD card to your android smartphone by following the means underneath:

Turn on your smartphone

Open Settings

Tap on Apps (There could likewise be an alternative to choose on “Applications” > “Application manager”)

Peruse for the application that doesn’t appear after update

Select on “Storage”

Tap on “Change”

Change the alternative from “SD card” to “Inward storage”.

For other Galaxy J7 applications that don’t appear after update, take after similar directions from above for widgets of The Android Smartphone.


Strategy 2:

The issue is that the Home Screen data may have a few issues. The best approach to settle this issue is to clear the Home-screen information and reset it. The following are directions to reset symbols on Home screen to default settings and fix the Samsung Galaxy J7 symbols not appearing after update issue.

Turn or power on your smartphone

Tap on “Settings”

Tap on “Applications” or “Applications” (There could be an alternative to choose on “applications manager”)

In the upper-right hand corner, tap on “Additional”

At that point tap on “Display system”

Search for either the “TouchWiz”, “Launcher” or another choice that identifies with the home screen (This button will fluctuate in view of the kind of android smartphone you possess)

Tap on “Storage”

Tap on “Clear Data”

Presently your Home screen will begin to restore to default settings and your applications/widgets will show up again and settle the Samsung Galaxy J7 symbols not appearing after update on your  android smartphone.



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