Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Specifications Confirmed Through Official Posters

As we wait for the next flagship handset from Samsung, more and more details are leaking regularly about the touted Galaxy S22 series.

This time, we have not just the news, but also purported images of the flagship handset series. The images specify the Galaxy S22 series to have a long body with stylus support, a P-shaped rear camera module, and a Note-shaped body design.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Leaks

It’s great to hear that Samsung is making the next flagship handset series – Galaxy S22 without much pain. Considering the chip shortage worldwide, many OEMs have either increased the prices of the current stock or not making new products in bulk quantities.

But Samsung on the other hand is making it general and leaked rumors made us expect it big from the South Korean OEM. We’ve already heard the Galaxy S22 series may come with 25W charging support, a small battery capacity than its predecessors, Galaxy Note-like body design, and an F-shaped rear camera module.

Confirming a few of these leaks, a new leak showed the internal images of the purported Galaxy S22 handset. These images confirm the handset to bear a body design of the discontinued Note series and a hole for housing Stylus! Yes, Samsung is fitting a stylus to S-series flagships now.

Apart from these, we have the dimensions of all three handsets in this series;

  • 149.98 x 70.56 x 7.65mm (Samsung Galaxy S22)
  • 150 x 157.43 x 75.83 x 7.65mm (Samsung Galaxy S22 Pro)
  • 163.29 x 77.87 x 9.05mm (Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra)

If you’ve noticed, Samsung is also changing the brand name of the Galaxy Plus lineup to Pro, and call it Galaxy Pro from the S22 series onwards. Other details leaked include the colors of these handsets – white, black, and burgundy red. Also, the rear primary camera featuring a 108MP sensor with 10x zoom, rather than the rumored 200MP.

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