Samsung Galaxy S7 Slow Charging Problem.

Underneath we’ll get into some possible arrangements on How To Resolve The Samsung Galaxy S7 Slow Charging Problem.


Potential Fixes For Galaxy S7 Slow Charging Issue:

Troubleshooting For Hardware Failure

When you begin charging the smartphone you will get a notice which says ‘Quick Charging is enabled’. In the event that it doesn’t demonstrate this, then there is an issue with the power connector and you have to change it.

There might be an issue with the USB link also which is not ready to convey the coveted measure of power from the power supply. All things considered, take a stab at accusing your smartphone of an alternate USB link and on the off chance that you see an improvement then it is prescribed to purchase another Samsung charging link. In the event that the issue still perseveres, read on.

On the off chance that the power connector and the USB link are working fine you have to check the charging port to check whether there is dust gathering inside of the port on it. This circumstance may emerge subsequent to utilizing the smartphone for a long while and is an impediment to charging. For this situation, take a wooden toothpick and clean the port deliberately. Disposing of the dust may take care of the issue.


Software Troubleshooting

On the off chance that there aren’t any issues with the charging port and the charger parts, we have to push forward and attempt to determine the issue from inside the smartphone’s surroundings. Here are a few methods which should be utilized:


Closing applications which are running in the background

Clearing every one of these applications will help in diminishing the power devoured, furthermore help the smartphone charge rapidly.


Ventures to clear these applications:

Press and hold the Home symbol and let go it when you see a list of lately utilized applications.

Go to the Task manager area and select ‘End all applications’

On the task manager, you can likewise see the “RAM” choice. Select that and clear the RAM memory.


Uninstall any 3rd party Applications:

On the off chance that clearing foundation applications did not work, there might be a software bug on your gadget. The most ideal route is to uninstall any 3rd party applications that were not on the smartphone when you first purchased it.

For uninstalling 3rd party applications, the smartphone needs to go to ‘Safe mode’ first. To enable this mode, restart the smartphone and when you can see the Samsung logo, press and hold the Volume down button till you see the ‘Safe mode’ message show up on the screen. Presently in Safe mode, you can uninstall these applications by exploring to Menu> Settings> More> Application. Go to the “Downloaded” section and select the third part party applications and afterward tap on ‘Uninstall’, and when asked for confirmation tap on ‘Ok’. To leave ‘Safe Mode’ press and hold the power button and when asked for confirmation tap “Restart” and tap on ‘ok’.


Playing out a System Dump:

To play out a system dump:

Input in *#9900# in the smartphone dialer

A page will appear, go to the base of it and select ‘Low battery Dump’

Select ‘Turn On’


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