Samsung is Throttling Thousands of Apps in its Galaxy Phones

Just when we’re praising Samsung’s commitment to making quality devices and long-term updates, the company has been caught with the shameful act of throttling thousands of Android apps.

As seen and confirmed by users, Samsung is downplaying the performance of over 10,000 apps on it’s Galaxy phones, using an app called the Game Optimization Service. Samsung acknowledged this issue and said it’ll soon come up with an update to fix it.

Throttling Thousands of Android Apps

Today, many have found what Samsung did like OnePlus last year – throttling apps for saving battery life and improving performance. Though this is for the good of the device, most Samsung users are unwelcome by this act.

As per reports, Samsung is seen throttling thousands of Android apps on it’s Galaxy phones through an app called Game Optimization Service. This app comes pre-installed in all the recent Samsung Galaxy devices and is hoped to prevent heating issues of long-term gaming.

But, it isn’t! Instead, the app is seen chocking the non-benchmark Android apps, and bluffing users for quite a time. Apps include those from Microsoft, Google and Samsung own even, which are on the list of throttled apps.

The list is huge, with the number of apps crossing over the 10,000 mark! Some popular apps include Netflix, Disney+, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Google’s suite of apps like YouTube, Google Maps, the Play Store, Chrome, Gmail, and Google Play Services.

Also, Samsung’s own apps like contacts, phone app, calendar, Bixby, Samsung Pay, Camera, and even the home screen manager! The only exempted apps are the benchmark apps like Geekbench, 3D Mark, PCMark, GFXBench, Antutu, CPDT, and Androbench.

Tests made by faking the benchmark apps with general apps resulted in the throttled performance of anywhere between 15%-40%, of those original scores. As many complained about this suspicious act, Samsung responded by saying that it’s doing this to optimize the battery life and avoid heating issues.

Further, it announced releasing a software update to the Game Optimization Service soon that it will let the users prioritize performance to apps as desired.

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