Samsung recently launched an app with the name of iTest web. This app is designed for iPhone users and it allows them to experience Android OS on iPhone.

When iPhone users install this app on their devices, the app will change the iOS look to the ONE UI look. ONE UI is the custom skin by Samsung for all of their devices.

As of now the app is completely free and is available for all iPhone users. This app goes live after Apple’s CEO Tim Cook sympathized with all those iPhone users who ditched iPhone for android.

iPhone users who want to install this on their device just need to visit the iTest website and installed the app on their iPhone.

Surprisingly, this app is not like a launcher that just changes the UI of the iPhone to One UI. But this app will offer One UI features like the app drawer, Samsung’s icon, galaxy store, etc. All of these features are available for Samsung devices.


To make it more real iTest app will send notifications similar to One UI to make it look like you are actually using a Samsung device.

But this app is not just the complete OS like the android or iOS and mostly the notifications that users receive are actually through the iOS.


Users can also download Fortnite on The iPhone from the Galaxy store through this app. This will allow iOS users to play Fortnite on their devices as Epic Games (developer of Fortnite) and Apple Inc is currently engaged in a lawsuit. Due to the lawsuit, Fortnite is not currently available on Apple’s app store.

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