Samsung Note 20

Samsung unveiled its second flagship series of the year last week, the Note 20 series. Since the virtual event held by Samsung in Korea, it has become the talk of the town. There are reviews and hands-on videos on YouTube and on Tech blogs.

In Note 20 series Samsung introduces two models, Note 20 Ultra and Note 20. Both models equipped with flagship-level internals and can provide the best performance when compared to others. There is a price difference between the two models, Note 20 ultra will cost you around $1300 while Note 20 will cost you $1000.

So at $1000, there are some disadvantages of buying a Note 20 model and in the article, we will tell you the disadvantages.

The Biggest Disadvantage of Buying Samsung Note 20

Plastic Build:

The biggest letdown of Note 20 is its plastic build. At $1000 Samsung is providing a flagship device that is made up of plastic. Now a day’s even a phone which costs around $300 will provide glass build. Xiaomi mid-range devices like note 9 series will provide glass build at $200.

The plastic build is mainly used for the mid-range or lower-end devices to save the cost. The hands-on feel of Note 20 is also not premium which is a disappointment.

Plastic is also less durable than the glass and will get more scratches. So at $1000, it is not a good choice to buy a phone which comes with a plastic back.

Note 20 Display:

When it comes to Display, Samsung’s display is the best in the town. Even Apple uses Samsung display for its iPhone models but the Note 20 display is also a letdown.

Samsung provides an old 1080p panel with a 60 Hz display resolution. 2020 is a year of high refresh rate display as we have seen many phones especially the flagships provide the highest refresh rate. Even Samsung provides a 120 Hz refresh rate on its Note 20 ultra but on Note 20 it is 60 Hz.

Moreover, the display resolution is also locked at 1080p and there are no QHD options. A higher refresh rate will provide a smoother display and the phone seems faster.

Little to No Improvement in S-Pen:

S-Pen is the one that differentiates a Note series device with the S series device. In note 20 Samsung made little to no improvement in the S-Pen when compared to the Note 10 series. In note 20 the S-pen has the previous 42ms latency while in Note 20 Ultra the S-pen latency is 9ms. Higher latency means the S-pen is not as smooth as in Note 20 ultra.


If you want to buy a Note device then it is recommended to buy a Note 20 Ultra. However, if you don’t have a budget of $1300 then it is recommended to buy OnePlus 8 pro or Samsung S20. If you want a Note device the Note 10 Plus is a good option and there will be a discount son Note 10 series.

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