Samsung Galaxy S22
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A few days back we reported that Samsung was caught in slowing down some of it’s devices to increase the battery life of its devices. Game Optimizing Service (GOS) which comes pre-installed on Galaxy devices runs in the background and causes performance dip on popular games. GOS limits the CPU and GPU performance in Samsung devices including Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, and Galaxy S22. It was found out that the performance of the recently released Galaxy S22 was even worse due to this.

Soon after the news went viral, Samsung issued a statement that they will soon release an official update to resolve this throttling issue. They said that the update will remove the performance limit on the Galaxy devices.

Now, Samsung did release an update for the Galaxy S22 users in Korea. As per machine translation, the new update removes the CPU and GPU performance limit while playing games.

The update also added a new option in the Game Booster app called “Game Performance Management Mode”. At this moment it is unclear what this option will do and how it is different from the already existing performance mode on the Galaxy devices.

As this update has not been released for the global variant so it is unclear whether it resolves the throttling issues or not. Benchmarking app Geekbench also removed the last four generations of Samsung Galaxy S series devices due to this throttling issue and called it “Benchmark manipulation”. We are not sure that this update will get Samsung back on Geekbench.

Global users will soon get the update which also brings some performance and camera improvements on the Galaxy S22 series devices. If you receive this update on your Galaxy S22 device, do let us know if it improves the performance of the device.

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