Samsung Released the Expert Raw camera app for its Galaxy S21 Ultra. The Pro Mode is a popular camera feature on Android smartphones in general. And they become even more useful on those devices with a really good camera setup.

Samsung already included a Pro Mode on its Galaxy S21 Ultra but sadly it only works on the primary and the ultra-wide camera lenses.

However, the company has just released a new camera application called “Expert Raw” that brings these Pro Mode features to the telephoto cameras as well.

So, if you’re not aware the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra comes with four cameras on the back. There is a rear wide-angle lens, a rear ultra-wide-angle lens, and two telephoto lenses. The one telephoto lens is for 3x zoom and the other one for 10x zoom.

Sadly these two telephoto lenses do not work in pro mode using the regular camera application that ships with the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

To fix this issue Samsung has been working on a new camera app and it is going to be called Expert Raw. This application is currently only available on the Galaxy store in South Korea, but the company has plans to expand its availability to more countries in the near future.

However, that application has been released and leaked online. So, you can download the apk using this download link and can sideload that application, and use this new Expert Raw camera application on your Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Once you have downloaded that application, tap on the apk file and install the application.

After installation, open the app and give all the required permission as this is important for the app to work.

There you can see that the Expert Raw camera application is always going to be in pro mode. It is always going to happen and now we also have the access to all four camera lenses. And the features and the settings that go along with these camera lenses as well.

This app does require your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra to be on Android 12 with One UI 4.0. The application is also currently in beta so you could see some bugs or crashes while using it.

While using the application you can notice that the expert raw application will let you adjust highlights, shadows, saturation, and tent. Many of these features you are already familiar with when using the stock camera app in pro mode.

But this expert raw camera app will also offer you a histogram, HDR support and you can save your photos in both a lossless JPG and on a 16-bit linear DNG raw format.

Again this application is going to be released in the Galaxy store in the near future. Right now it is only available there in South Korea. But again you can download the apk and sideload it just like we did by using the download link.

If you have the Galaxy S21 ultra running on One UI 4.0 based on Android 12 then go ahead and try this new expert raw camera application and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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