Samsung Ships its First Batch of 3nm Based Chips

Celebrating the shipment of it’s first batch of 3nm chips, Samsung this week held a ceremony at it’s South Korean office.

The company’s executives talked about the technological challenges they faced throughout the production of 3nm-based chips and the entity’s ambitions to become the best in this industry.

3nm Chips With GAA Technology

Even with sophisticated technology and heavy funding, Samsung has long been next to TSMC in contract-based chip manufacturing. But, the South Korean giant has marked a milestone today by shipping it’s first batch of 3nm-based chips.

Samsung said it started mass producing them from late last month, with a better GAA technology instead of FinFET. This resulted in better performance, noted the company, with the chips based on GAA technology producing 23% better performance and consuming 45% less power.

Since they’re efficient and powerful, Samsung made plans on chipping them into heavy computers like servers and data centers too, with initial offerings given to Chinese cryptocurrency mining companies.

As they’re good, Samsung intends to insert these 3nm-based chips with GAA technology into other devices like PCs, laptops, smartphones, and even smartwatches. As they’re getting great on the track, Samsung celebrated this unveiling with a ceremony at it’s South Korean office this week.

The event was attended by chiefs like Changyang Lee (Minister of Trade, Industry, and Energy), Kye Kyung-hyeon (CEO of Samsung Electronics DS), and other important people who worked for the development and production of 3nm GAA chips.

Talking there, Samsung Foundry VP Jeong Ki-tae said they had mitigated all the technological hurdles in developing 3nm chips through collaborations beyond the company, especially with Samsung’s other business arms. The company also stated it’s ambitions to “go forward with innovative technology to become the best in the world.”

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