Samsung to Face a Class Action Lawsuit Over App Throttling Issue

Frustrated by the manipulative behavior of Samsung’s recent app throttling, some aggrieved users are reportedly filing a class-action lawsuit against the company for cheating.

Aside from this, the South Korean FTC may launch an investigation into the incident, and determine to what extent Samsung may have cheated it’s users. The company was blamed for throttling apps performance through a Game Optimization Service app, which it claims for safety usage.

South Koreans Dragging Samsung to Court

Not long ago, Samsung made a grand launch of the Galaxy S22 series. Though this excited the community who’s using it now, the OEM is now unfortunately strangled in a cheating incident, where it was caught manipulating it’s flagship Galaxy S22 series’ performance.

Samsung to Face a Class Action Lawsuit Over App Throttling Issue

Last week, many reports have confirmed that Samsung is using an app called Game Optimization Service (GOS) on it’s Galaxy S22 phones for throttling the performance of apps. This test ran by many showed that Samsung’s GOS app is downing the performance of a non-benchmark app while boasting results in benchmark apps.

This triggered betrayal and hate in the community, including a ban from GeekBench. And those aggrieved Galaxy S22 users are now reportedly filing a class-action lawsuit against Samsung for this manipulative act. As per Yonhap News, the lawsuit, an online community participating in this class action suit is seeking 300,000 won – about $243 – per claimant.

Besides this, the Korean Fair Trade Commission (FTC) is also said to begin investigating this incident, to know how Samsung concealed information from consumers. As per the Korean Herald, the ads of Galaxy S22 claimed it to offer the “best performance ever”, but using GOS to stamp that saying down isn’t justified.

Samsung earlier said it’s using GOS for the safety of it’s consumers, as throttling performance is needed to keep the phone from overheating in long gaming durations. But, the community still isn’t satisfied, and may proceed with charges on the company.

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