Samsung Galaxy S22
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Samsung confirmed that they will soon roll out a software update on some phones to fix throttling issues as per some news reports. The Galaxy maker said that it’s preinstalled Game optimizing service doesn’t optimize the performance of other apps. Previously, a throttling issue was reported in some Samsung devices which caused the performance dip on some apps and games. Genshin Impact is among the games that saw performance dip on Samsung devices and apps such as Instagram, Netflix, and some Google apps also saw performance dip. The throttling issue did not affect the benchmarking apps like Geekbench and 3DMark.

In a statement to The Verge, a Samsung spokesperson said, “We value the feedback we receive about our products and after careful consideration, we plan to roll out a software update soon so users can control the performance while running game apps.” Later the company posted its response on its Samsung Membership app in the Korean language. The statement was translated into English by a Twitter user that goes by the name Dohyun Kim.

Last week many smartphone users complained about the throttling issues on their Samsung devices. One user suspected that Samsung use a pre-installed Game Optimizing service to restrict the hardware resource for more than 10000 apps. It was also reported that Game optimizing service runs in the background for every app.

It was also noticed that the throttling issue only appeared in the Samsung Galaxy S22 series devices. But Geekbench developer John Poole said that the performance dip was also seen on Older Galaxy devices as well.

The company didn’t mention why this throttling issue appears in their devices neither the company provides any details about this issue. But there are some speculations that limit the CPU and GPU performance on Galaxy devices is because the company wants to offer better battery timing and avoid any overheating issues in the devices.

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