Samsung's AIO Tech to Make Fingerprint Authentication More Secure

Making the future of fingerprint authentication more secure, Samsung is set to launch it’s All-In-One Sensing technology soon – that’ll let users authenticate with three fingerprints simultaneously.

AIO technology will be equipped with OLED 2.0 panels, which Samsung is scheduled to use from 2025 onwards. This is a big leap in the biometric authentication space, as using AIO sensing will make fingerprint authentication 2.5 billion times more secure than the current systems.

A More Secure Authentication System

Besides being a world leader in many industries, Samsung continues to advance with new innovations regularly. The latest one in this pursuit is a more secure fingerprint authentication – powered by it’s All-In-One Sensing technology.

Though the company has announced this, it didn’t mention a specific date on when it’d be coming. Well, we know details are saying that AIO tech will be set in the upcoming OLED 2.0 panels, which Samsung schedules to launch in 2025.

When it comes to fingerprint authentication, most OEMs are currently limited to using only the bottom half of their devices. And that’s what Samsung wanted to change – by using the All-In-One Sensing technology.

As per reports, the AIO sensing will let OEMs use the whole display for fingerprint authentication, thus supporting multiple fingerprints simultaneously! In Samsung’s case, a report stated that using three fingerprints simultaneously will make the verification 2.5 billion times more secure than the current system.

Well, we have to wait and see how well this would be implemented, as hackers are always in search of exploiting loopholes to get in. Thus, an improved authentication system is necessary.

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