save A Picture Google Pixel And Pixel XL

Underneath we’ll get into some possible arrangements on How To Save A Picture Google Pixel And Pixel XL.

Step by step instructions to save a photo on Pixel and Pixel XL


Go to the text message with the photograph you need to save.

Select on the photo, the photograph will go into full screen.

Select on the little disk symbol in the upper right corner of the screen. (On the off chance that you can’t see it, tap anyplace on the photograph to raise the menu)

Select Save and the photograph will save in the Photo Gallery under Downloads.


Instructions to Save Multiple Images from Text Messages.

Rather than saving every photograph exclusively, there is an approach to save all photographs from a text message. This will save you time and permit you to ensure the total amount of pictures that have been saved.

Go to the text message with one of the photographs you need to save.

Tap and hold on the photo, a little menu will open up.

Select on Save.

A little menu will show up permitting you to choose the attachment(s) you need to save.

Select the pictures that you need to save and tap on Save.

Name the new image file before it is saved to the gallery on the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, so you know where to discover or find the photo.

After a photograph has been saved to the Gallery application on the Pixel and Pixel XL you can now share it utilizing others application on your smartphone. You should simply open an application to utilize the photograph or print it from a remote or wireless printer.


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