Shopify Data Breach
Shopify Data Breach

Shopify has disclosed a data breach incident earlier this week stating that two of its employees from support staff has accessed transactional records of few merchants. The number Shopify reported to be affected by this breach were less than 200, and the data contained no financial data like credit card data. Shopify claims to have informed all the affected merchants.

Two Shopify Employees Accessed Transaction Details of Merchants

In a breach notification reported by Shopify on September 22nd, the e-commerce giant has termed two of its employees as “rouge“, since they had accessed the transaction details of few of its customers’ stores. Shopify customers are the merchants, who use tools of the Shopify platform to make their own e-commerce stores.

Shopify determined the affected merchants of this breach to be less than 200. The company has reported having over one million registered merchants in its latest quarterly reports. It further said that access to the network of those two employees was restricted and informed to law enforcement. Also, it’s now investigating the incident with the FBI and other international agencies regarding this criminal act.

The details accessed by those two employees “includes basic contact information, such as email, name, and address, as well as order details, like products and services purchased.” Shopify assured that “no payment card numbers or other sensitive personal or financial information was not included” in this breach.

Yet, it said to be informing the concerned merchants regarding this incident and help them with their queries. Finally, it boasted about having a zero-tolerance policy for acts like exploiting their platform and would act strictly in the case recorded.

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