Resolve Slow Camera Performance Samsung Galaxy S5

Underneath we’ll get into some possible arrangements on How To Resolve Slow Camera Performance Samsung Galaxy S5.

Here are few solutions that will help on the off chance that you are confronting a slow camera issue/performance on The Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone.

There can be an exceptionally straightforward clarification to your camera performing moderately or slow while taking pictures which is Picture Stabilization. This feature is normally used for when you are shooting in lower light circumstances. Picture Stabilization is a mode on the Galaxy S5 camera application that helps you take clearer and brighter pictures in low light circumstances without utilizing the flash. In great lighting circumstances you truly need not to bother with this.


Methods to impair Picture Stabilization

– > Open the camera application.

– > Select the Tap choice.

– > Turn off Picture Stabilization mode

By killing this mode a large portion of the issues with moderate execution ought to be wiped out however in the event that you mean to snap pictures amid night you may turn on this mode yet never forget to turn it off once you are having finished snapping some pictures.

So in the event that even in the wake of taking after the previously mentioned methods you still confronting the issue, you can attempt to carry out a Factory Reset to your gadget, yet before doing that ensure that your information is backed up as it will delete every one of your information. You could likewise sit tight for the following Operating System update as a patch may be released for this. In the event that nothing works out you could contact the phone producer Samsung and get the gadget repaired.


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