Snapchat, which Snap Inc owns is said to be working on a subscription plan for it’s users that includes some exclusive features. It may be called Snapchat+ which includes exclusive features and some features that may be in development or pre-release for paid users. Users can also pin their conversations in the app when they are on the subscription plan.

Users will also get a custom Snapchat icon and a custom Snapchat badge when they opt for a subscription. This feature was first spotted by a notable Twitter user who also shared that the subscription plan costs EUR 4.59 monthly.

The Twitter user Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a) reported that Snapchat is working on a subscription-based feature which may be called Snapchat+. He also shared that users with a subscription plan will get a custom icon, and custom badge, and will get the ability to pin their conversation as they do on other messaging apps.

Alessandro Paluzzi tweeted that the one-month subscription cost is EUR 4.59; the half-yearly cost is EUR 24.99 and the yearly subscription plan is priced at EUR 45.99. the company will also offer one weak free trial before charging as other subscription-based companies do.

The subscription price will be charged from the user’s play store account and it will be automatically renewed depending on the subscription time frame. Users also have the option to cancel the subscription at any time if they want just like Netflix.

On the other hand, there is no confirmation from the company itself. The company over the years has introduced many new and exciting features to lure users and increase it’s user base. Following the growing popularity of TikTok, the company introduced Spotlight – a TikTok-like feature where users can record and create short videos. The company also expanded it’s hardware line by launching a small drone with cameras so users can record videos on the go.

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