Sony Sold Over 20 Million Units of PS5 Worldwide

The latest report from a gaming blog called GameIndustry says that Sony has sold over 20 million PS5 units worldwide, to date. The number could be even more if Sony hadn’t faced any supply chain constraints in the last two years.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 has been an instant hit, with the company selling 1,000 units per minute in the first year, and then seeing slow sales rate due to stock shortage in most cases. Yet, Sony’s CEO is confident that PS5 would outsell PS4 soon.

PS5’s Rapid Sales Growth

Since its launch in November 2020, PS5 has been the popular gaming console on the market that’s bought out whenever restocked. Enthusiasts are buying it without any hesitation, even without any discounts on offer days. And this rapid growth led Sony to sell over 20 million PS5 units so far, reports GameIndustry.

Sony’s Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has been so confident that PS5 will outperform PS4 sales soon, considering the bull run PS5 is having. This may seem hard, but it’s still possible. Though Ryan proudly stated they had sold 1,000 PS5 units every minute in the first year of launch, this pace was slowed down due to supply chain constraints.

Lockdowns all over due to the pandemic and halting of production in China have led to supply shortages, resulting in slow sales of PS5 since last year. Yet, with the popularity that the PS5 has been having among the gaming community, Sony is confident that it will outnumber PS4 sales over time.

Moreover, few console exclusive games like The Final Fantasy XVI and PS VR2 are well on track to reach the public next year, triggering the community to fall on PS5 more than ever.

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